After the scope of “new citizens” is defined, how will Beijing serve them?This press conference tells you

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Beijing News Shell Financial News (reporter Huang Xinyu) 300 million “new citizens” in the defined scope, specific to the local financial services work and measures.On the evening of March 4th, the CBRC and the People’s Bank of China jointly issued a notice on strengthening financial Services for New Citizens (hereinafter referred to as the Notice).Notably, by clarifying the scope of new citizens, the circular pointed out that financial support should be increased for new citizens to start businesses and find jobs, and the supply of financial products and services should be expanded.At the same time, in terms of strengthening credit support for new citizens to start their own businesses, the circular calls for optimizing the start-up guarantee policy, including new citizens in the scope of start-up guarantee loan support, and simplifying the processing process.The so-called “new citizens”, in accordance with the provisions of the Notice, mainly refer to the various groups of people who have come to live in cities and towns permanently because of their own reasons such as starting a business or employment, their children’s schooling or taking refuge with their children, but have not obtained a local household registration or have obtained a local household registration for less than three years, including but not limited to migrant workers and newly employed college or technical secondary school graduates.According to the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, there are about 300 million new residents in each province and county, and the distribution is uneven.Therefore, the circular suggests that banking and insurance institutions “can specify the scope of service for new citizens based on local conditions and local government policies.”After 21 days, on March 25, namely in the banking sector, the “capital entity service series special pratt &whitney financial work conference” of the people’s livelihood, Beijing silver protects inspect bureau to pratt & Whitney in level 4 researcher xiao-hui zhao, Beijing loan service center (hereinafter referred to as “loan service center”) chief representative YanJun together is in the Beijing area surrounding the recent financial services such as exhibition of new citizens to work,In particular, the basic situation of Beijing venture guarantee loans, answered the reporter’s questions.Beijing venture guarantee loans has cancelled the loan object categories and census register restrictions, xiao-hui zhao said Beijing venture guarantee loan is established by the government loan guarantee fund, guarantee agencies to guarantee a trustee and agency bank loans and interest through the financial sector policy loans, can provide free for personal or small micro enterprise business guarantee financing support, low interest rates.Have learned, at the end of 2021, Beijing silver protects inspect bureau joint business management department, the people’s bank of Beijing municipal finance bureau, Beijing people club bureau, Beijing financial supervision bureau jointly issued by the “about further promote entrepreneurship secured loan increment expanding market main body innovation advantage more entrepreneurial action plan, simplifying the business secured loan transaction process,Promote the business loan guarantees for expanding the scope of the policy support, “particularly cancel the restriction of the loan object categories and the household registration, implement the foreign business staff and local staff in Beijing city with treatment, the orgnaization of business loan guarantees of Beijing bank from 1 to 14, highest personal loans increased from 300000 yuan to 500000 yuan (for up to 3 years),The maximum loan limit for small and micro enterprises will be raised from 2 million yuan to 3 million yuan (for a maximum of two years).”Zhao xiaohui said.In the concrete in the process, from her introduction, Beijing silver protects inspect bureau to also take into account the lending service center is to optimize the capital, one of the most important aspects of the business environment construction, the innovation in a variety of means to resolve (small micro enterprise financing difficulty has played a leading role, therefore loan service center in Beijing was clearly added “business loan guarantees” the service function,Purpose is to give full play to the loan service center integrated the advantage of financing service platform, for the new citizens and businesses financing platform structures, broaden the path, to enhance the business subject, such as the citizens of new funding availability and convenience degree, optimize the financing experience, push for more business loan guarantees the supply of financial services, and expand the policy and the social popularity of the product.In the next step, Beijing will continue to improve the construction of loan service center to benefit more new citizens.Yin Jun, chief representative of the loan service center, told Beijing News shell Finance that, by contrast, the loan service center model has four advantages: “comparable and optional”, “data-driven”, “panoramic services” and “exclusive policies”.As for “data-driven”, Yin Jun specially introduced that the loan service center has priority to enjoy the big data service of the financial data zone. With authorization, the loan service center can query various data of enterprises, such as industrial and commercial data, taxation data, social security data and judicial data, and introduce special line data such as real estate mortgage, intellectual property pledge and right confirmation data to provide data support for enterprise loans.”Our loan service center was officially established on April 1, 2020 under the care and support of the leadership of The Beijing Municipal Committee and government and the Beijing Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, overcoming various difficulties in the early stage of the COVID-19 epidemic. It will be in operation for two years in one week.The establishment of the loan service center is mainly to effectively alleviate the financing difficulties and expensive problems faced by micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Beijing. It is also an important measure to optimize the business environment in the capital and help the innovation and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.”YanJun said.”Under the supervision and promotion of the bureau, recently, the loan service center successfully landed the first ‘start-up guarantee loan’ business, providing 3 million yuan loan support to a small and micro cultural and creative enterprise which attracts more new citizens to find jobs.This year, 57 percent of the total number of employees in the small and micro enterprises have been newly hired, and 71 percent of them are registered in other places.”Zhao Xiaohui also gave an example.It is understood that the Beijing silver protects inspect bureau to the next step will be jointly with relevant departments to continuously improve loan service center construction, strengthen the business loan guarantees the service function, guide the handling bank and financing guarantee institutions to deepen cooperation, actively promote the credit products, optimize the business transaction process, improve small micro enterprises, individual businesses and citizens of new innovative entrepreneurial market main body financial service satisfaction,More new citizens will benefit.Beijing News Shell financial reporter Huang Xinyu editor Song Yuting proofread Liu Baoqing