During Spring Festival, red-headed gulls in Luhun Lake are very beautiful, you can go to see them

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Luhun Lake National Wetland Park, with Luhun Reservoir as the core area, covers an area of 4222 hectares.In zoogeographical division, this area belongs to north China of Palaearctic group, a typical ecological type, which is suitable for a large number of migratory birds to stay, inhabit and reproduce in this area. It is one of the regions with rich biodiversity in Henan Province.It is not only a place of clear water, beautiful scenery and fat fish, but also an important resting and wintering place for migratory birds from East Asia to Australia.In recent years, Songxian focuses on wetland ecological protection, wetland restoration, wildlife habitat protection, etc., which makes the wetland ecosystem restored and the wetland landscape improved rapidly. In just a few years, the birds in the land muddy wetland increased rapidly from 174 species in 2013 to 186 species now.And can often see the state ⅰ level key protected animals Chinese merganser, black stork, golden eagle noble and elegant figure.The biggest characteristic of bird composition here is the large proportion of migratory birds.Of the 174 species of birds, 113 are migratory birds and 61 are resident birds.There are 24 species of birds listed under state key protection and 9 under provincial key protection.There are mainly Chinese mergans, black stork golden eagle, heron, egret, small , spotted duck, kingfisher and so on.The birds that can be observed in the bird watching station are bean goose, cormorant, heron, egret, spotted duck, mallard duck, red ma duck, green wing duck, coot, black water chicken, crested , golden-eyed plover, ringed plover, common 𫛠-, osprey, red-headed gull, common tern, crested dog and so onIn recent years, due to the improvement of the ecological environment, thousands of black-headed gulls come to Luhun Lake for winter every year.Known as the “giant panda” among birds, there are only about 1,000 Chinese mergansers in the world, and more than 30 have been found in Song County.A lake clear water, sky light cloud shadow!In today’s Luhun wetland, a picture of green mountains and green waters, cultural and ecological integration, human and birds in harmony with the ecological picture is slowly unfolding.Photography to celebrate the country