Gu Ailing of Qingdao has been a champion of the Winter Olympics for 8 years

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China’s Gu Ailing came from behind to win the gold medal in the women’s freestyle ski big jump final of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games at the Shougang Ski Big jump in Beijing, Capital of China, Feb 8, 2018.On the day of the “snow flying” arena, Li Longgang as a real Qingdao people, he is now serving as the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Shougang ski platform venue operation team supervision group leader.It has experienced the whole process of the Beijing Winter Olympics in eight years, from bidding, organizing, hosting and witnessing Gu Ailing’s gold medal.In this position, he not only witnessed Gu Ailing’s gold medal in the Winter Olympics, but fought until the end of the Winter Olympics.On February 7, after Gu’s debut ski jump in Shougang, Li Longgang provided a photo of Gu jumping out of the emblem of this Winter Olympics to peninsula media reporters.Li Longgang said he had a very important reception on the 8th.”I was very excited to see Gu Winning the gold medal, and I could feel the audience boiling,” Li longgang told reporters on Tuesday.Li Longgang in checking and with the start of the winter Olympics, Li Longgang work increasingly busy, as the monitoring group shougang ski big platform venue team leader, his work is involved in all aspects of the inside, one of the most important is the epidemic prevention and control, the whole venue inside a total of 2.7 kilometers of the closed circuit, Li Longgang and his team flies back and forth every day:”After the Olympics, athletes of the hall to come over to the venue, we want the athletes arrive two hours before we can check the closed-loop linkage inside and outside all facilities, athletes make a review again after the end of the training, recently has to get up at five o ‘clock in the morning, 2.7 km walk down more than half an hour, as much as inspection twice a day.”Li Longgang except venues where the monitoring group to check every day personal protection situation of athletes and coaches, the implementation of the partition management of venues and check the inside of the closed loop nucleic acid detection rate, although the complicated things, but to have for the Beijing Olympics Li Longgang for 8 years, all arranged in order.It has been eight years from the bid to witness Li Longgang told the Peninsula media reporter that he left Qingdao at the age of 18 to study and work in Beijing.He was involved in Beijing’s bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics eight years ago.In the words of Li Longgang, since March 2014, Beijing’s bid to host the games, to win the bid in July 2015, 14 months, Li Longgang hoarding and colleagues in Beijing, yanqing and zhangjiakou three division, research, guard a pass for each project, ensure the whole bidding process does not appear a little problem, the time working strength of the largest for a period of time.On December 15, 2015, boCOG was officially established. As one of the first staff members of boCOG, Li Longgang joined the Supervision and Audit Department.In August 2021, in order to strengthen the supervision and management of the venue operation team and ensure the clean operation of the venue, boCOG dispatched a supervision group to the venue operation team. Li Longgang was selected to serve as the supervision leader of the venue operation team of Shougang Ski Big Jump venue.Arriving at a newly built venue, Li Longgang also made corresponding services according to the actual situation:”The new stadium, to a certain extent, team working is not enough, and many other problems, we have the monitoring group according to the actual situation, establish and improve the analysis and evaluation, disposal mechanism, focus on epidemic prevention and control, personnel management, financial management, material procurement, infrastructure construction, key business areas such as health care, to provide supervision service for facility operation team,To achieve the overall goal of a clean Olympics.”The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics on February 4 left a deep impression on Li longgang: “The opening ceremony did not have a lot of actors, and it contained high technology content. It reflected the concept of low-carbon environmental protection and healthy movement, and was in line with the goal of clean Olympics.”Want to go home after the games for many years, still have to wait to leave Qingdao Li Longgang for the games in the competition of Qingdao elements is also very attention, whenever peninsula media reporters in the middle of the circle of friends to release all the games are related information, and Qingdao Li Longgang will give reporters a good, thus, Li Longgang paid great attention for the change of the home also, on the evening of February 7,When Qingdao athlete Li Wenlong won the first medal in the history of shandong Winter Olympics, Li Longgang also interacted with reporters in the circle of friends.However, during the eight years of working for the Beijing Winter Olympics, It is difficult for Li Longgang to have enough time to go home. This is also a big regret in his heart. “My parents are getting older, and I used to go home to reunite with them every Spring Festival, no matter how busy I was.But since I entered the Beijing Winter Olympics, I haven’t been home for many years, and I still feel a little indebted in my heart.”Even after the Beijing Winter Olympics is over, Li longgang still has to do the post-games audit work, and he expects to finish all the work in August. “After the Beijing Winter Olympics are successfully held, I will definitely go home to spend more time with the elderly and share with them what I have gained from serving the Beijing Winter Olympics,” he said.After eight years of perseverance, Li Longgang is also full of feelings about everything in the Beijing Winter Olympics:”To serve the Beijing games eight years, it is proud and proud, service here for such a long time, with the approaching of the closing ceremony, still have a lot of psychological, the mood also is very complex, my experience is Beijing games from scratch, from preparing to bid for all of the process, must be full of affection, hope that the next games are games here can go smoothly,I also hope that The Chinese Olympic athletes can achieve excellent results.”What is the chimney behind the big jump?Gu Ailing surprised the world with her big jump in Shougang on February 7.Shougang Ski jump, also known as “snow flying sky”, is the first industrial heritage reused venue in the History of the Olympic Games, the world’s first permanent retention and use of ski jump, is the only snow event venue in Beijing.During the Winter Olympics, there will be four events of snowboarding and freestyle skiing and big jump. Gu Ailing, Su Yiming and other winter Olympic athletes will complete various difficult movements here, and a total of four gold MEDALS will be produced.The former site of Shougang Ski big Jump is Capital Iron and Steel Group. In 2016, The Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee settled in Shougang Park.In recent years, shougang Industrial Park has carried out internal function transformation and space renewal on the basis of retaining the original industrial heritage.Industrial buildings once used for ironmaking and storage have been transformed into modern offices;Two coal cleaning workshops of 25,000 square meters have been transformed into training venues for winter sports such as short track speed skating, figure skating, curling and ice hockey of the General Administration of Sport of China.The original cooling pump station in shougang’s old factory will be transformed into a ticket inspection hall and event management office area during the Winter Olympics. After the Games, it will be transformed into a multi-functional complex building to provide supporting services for the future sports park.The former main oxygen plant was converted into a comprehensive service building during the Winter Olympics.