Make sure you leave!China’s top basketball player is expected to leave his post and join one of the country’s oldest basketball teams

2022-05-05 0 By

Nanjing Tongxi is undoubtedly the most embarrassing team when the regular season comes to an end. Last summer, they invested heavily in the acquisition of Wang Zirui, Sun Mingyang, sun Rongxiao and other stars, but suffered a 27-game losing streak.Midway through the season, CBA coach Liu Tie replaced Besinovic, but he only won two games. Despite injuries and poor foreign aid, results are undoubtedly the most critical evaluation criteria for the coach.It is understood that liu Tie and Nanjing signed with Xi is a temporary contract, the end of the season, the two sides will negotiate a renewal, because nanjing did not complete with xi set the goal, so Liu Tie did not get a contract renewal, this class.But the NBL’s Wuhan Contemporary has asked Liu to lead the team to a championship.In the past few seasons, Liu Tie led the Tianjin men’s basketball team effectively, but due to internal adjustment, Liu Tie also left the team, and then he became a guest commentator. Unexpectedly, Liu Tie became a hot topic of discussion among fans.After the end of the first phase, Nanjing Tongxi performance was poor, Besinovic also chose to leave the team.Under the invitation of Honan, Liu Tie became nanjing with xi new shuai.However, Liu Tie’s luck was very bad. After taking over the team, he suffered serious injuries. Wang Xu, Wan Shengwei, Sun Mingyang, Xi Heat River, Wang Zirui and others could not play, and Nanjing Tongxi could say that a set of starting lineup was missing.Liu Tie is also some helpless to this, but he did not complain, but to think of ways to let players improve.The third stage in the face of Jiangsu men’s basketball, Nanjing with xi finally win, Liu Tie also said privately that the victory is not easy.However, liu Tie and Nanjing signed with Xi is a temporary contract, after the end of this season has expired, because did not complete the original goal, so Nanjing with Xi and liu Tie did not renew the contract.Liu has been approached by several NBL teams, including Wuhan Contemporary, which last year brought in a number of CBA veterans and is headed by Lu Jinqing, one of China’s most famous men’s basketball players.