One night 6 news!Los Angeles clippers double game, all-star bench, Golden State beat Sacramento

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The kobe Bryant Trophy, the MVP trophy of the 2022 Cleveland All-Star Game, has four layers, including the Lakers’ No. 8 and 24 jerseys, the U.S. Men’s Basketball Team’s No. 10 jerseys, four all-star MVP awards, five NBA championships and other kobe Bryant related elements.The 18 stars around the cup represent Bryant, who has been an all-star 18 times in his career.In addition to the All-star Game trophy, the league also announced seven all-star reserves from each of the Eastern conference and Western Conference, as voted by the head coaches of the 30 teams. Cleveland guard Jon Garland and Toronto raptors star Chris Vanvleet were among the eastern Conference reserves.The other five selected members are Harden of the Nets, Butler of the Heat, lavine of the Bulls, Tatum of the Celtics and Middleton of the Bucks.Star-studded bench squad in the west and the sun and booker, Paul’s gerber and Mitchell, the lone ranger east qi qi, who pursue green of the mighty, the timberwolves downes was selected as captain durant in eastern and western reserve pursue green will injury absence the all-star, alliance will also choose two stars as a replacement.The nets six defeats, ranking fell to the east after the sixth, and received the bad news, main strikers Joe Harris ankle injury situation is not optimistic, most likely the second left ankle surgery is needed to return, in accordance with the time calculation, Joe Harris will not play at all this season for the nets, this for the nets to compete for a championship is great blow,Only four teams in NBA history have gone on to win the championship after losing six straight games in a season: the Kings in 1950-51, the Supersonics in 1978-79, the Pistons in 2003-04 and the Mavericks in 2010-11. No championship team in league history has lost more than six games in a season.The Nets will face the Jazz without Gobert and Ingels at home, with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving sidelined, and whether Harden can lead the nets to end their losing streak will be closely watched.The nets management to sign Paul milsap charge for a second round, the comparable to a printer also unreliable, fool can see Paul milsap had no oil in the tank, defensive steps to keep pace with, MAO MAO shots while the iron is hot, don’t ask for a second round sign, even is the nets laid off, there will be no team is willing to serve on the base salary of the contract.Eagle ranked first in 124-115 victory over the home of the sun, put an end to the sun 11 in a row at the same time, also let the team in the last nine games made 8-1, climbed to rank the east tenth, trevor – Yang scored 43 points throughout the match, and ms holt. Collins also has 19 points, respectively, ray young since entering the league,Already a two-time All-Star starter, trey Young only needs to make the league’s third-team all-nba selection this season to qualify for a super-contract using the “Rose clause.”Eagle show a level of defensive intensity in the playoffs, and everybody had three points, the time the sun coach monty didn’t change a small lineup, infinite relief somewhat attend, let the eagle three points completely open, natural cannot accept game, Brooks had 32 points, Bridges and Paul also has 24 points and 18 points respectively, after it,The SUNS ‘front office also needs to make up for the shortage of backup backcourt personnel. Payton has proved to be too useless, and the SUNS’ backcourt has only four rotation players in the playoffs. If the SUNS have two or three injuries, they can go home without playing in the playoffs.Ranked first in the east of the bulls on the road with the raptors battle to overtime, seven points, wu cut has scored 30 points, 18 rebounds and large two pairs of data, demar derozan had 28 points and six rebounds and seven assists, knee and back injury lavin wounded, 6 of 10 shots had 15 points, not the ball under the condition of high efficiency, help reach the designated position, small even with 10 points,The team has the highest positive and negative values.Powers in the east of the bull to fight in the playoffs with a containment, must be as soon as possible with Patrick Williams, kobe, Roy brown white players for chip, such as starting level switch back to the team in urgent need of the 4 front players, or face the attack of teams with durant, letters, the bull has still not strike back.Rookie Barnes normal time last 0.6 seconds in the key hit layups, anu than made two 3-pointers for overtime, help raptors victory, especially in the case of 24 seconds fast attack time to, the base hit back step three difficult points of the play a crucial role to the whole team morale, josiah kamm scored 25 points and 13 rebounds and seven assists,Vanvleet and Trent Jr. also scored 21 and 16 points, respectively, as the Raptors’ transition speed and hardness were among the league’s best.In Miami’s 112-95 win over SAN Antonio, lowry scored 24 points, Caron Butler had 17 points and seven rebounds, and the heat went into the fourth quarter with no time left.If the Clippers don’t need a shooter like Duncan Robinson, Pat Riley needs to bring in a third party to make a trade.Warriors 7 people in double, home to 126-114 victory over the Sacramento Kings, clay – Thompson 7 remember three points into the game, scored 23 points, five rebounds and seven assists, the king has always been a clay feel medallion in the background plate, it’s really hard to imagine why harden face such useless defensive team gets only 4 points, also get 20 points in the Treasury,He was hit in the face with an elbow from Hird but was fine.Rookie moody again by coach cole into the starting line-up, although the data are not bright eye, but progress against appear visible to the naked eye, defensive smell also in ascension, easily add into all three points against the rival warriors fans at present as one of the bright, moody’s game more hale and hearty and library Ming just carve more, will soon become routine in the warriors array rotation player.The Kings, who just beat the Nets at home yesterday, have been hampered in their back-to-back games with 10 points from key guard Harry Halliburton, 25 points from Barnes and 26 points from Davion Mitchell. The Kings have all the players on the shelf except Harry Burton.If they can’t make any moves to strengthen the team before the trade deadline, the Kings might as well just bust out and do what the Thunder did, trade players for future first-round picks, pick a defensive coach and rebuild from scratch.Heavy eyebrows miss winner, 1 points in Los Angeles lakers back-to-back Derby lost to the clippers, two of the season against the clippers double by rivals, reggie Jackson scored 25 points, layup at the last minute to beat the lakers, two inside small morris and the barca had 29 points and 7 rebounds, respectively, and 20 points, nine rebounds and play the lakers insider,Batum role in the defence of the clippers, will be less, monk stick now, also can exchange heavy eyebrows, such a good base salary even if the clippers are going to give up this season, is never going to be trading to competitors, since the tryon since he took office, the lakers have never beat the clippers, appears in the team and temperament, two city teams already existing gap in nature.The lakers still habitually crash in the third quarter, heavy eyebrows the game still had 30 points and 17 rebounds, although less bad after three quarters, but details a three points and a cic two big shot or reflects their own bear, lakers fans for less dissatisfaction mainly concentrated in his defensive people can and no leakage of cosco distance projection capabilities,Vogel still stubbornly refused to give Howard more playing time, details on the teenager reeves, dislocation was tryon Lou targeted directly hit this, have to say that the lakers now is a no defense, no tactics, the vitality of the no 3 without the team, even James return from injury, now that the lakers in the playoffs go not far.That’s all for today’s NBA news. 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