The 90-year-old man wrote a thousand characters, which can be called the “textbook” of Ou Kai, with pearls in every word

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Xiao Kai, gradually mature in the Wei and Jin dynasties, together with seal script and official script, became the first choice for learning calligraphy, and also a standard to measure the basic skills of a calligrapher.Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “not good at xiao Kai, not a calligrapher”. All the famous masters in the past dynasties can write exquisite xiao Kai, especially to the Ming and Qing dynasties, if they can not write xiao Kai, even the qualification to participate in the imperial examinations are not!Ming Dynasty “xiao Kai king” should belong to Wen Zhengming, he lived to 90 years old, but also can write a masterly xiao Kai, famous move in the sea, worthy of the “Ming Dynasty first”!Wen Zhengming’s small kai method in Wei and Jin, both the director of the house, the structure of ouyang Xun, line from Chu Suiliang, Yu Shinan two people.Taking his “Thousand-character Text” as an example, it can be regarded as the “textbook” of Ou Kai, and it can be seen that his traditional skills are profound, and he has won the true biography of Ouyang Xun!As Wang Shizhen said in the “Words of the Art Garden” : “Zhao (Wen Zhengming) to small kai in the sea, the people who are affected by the ear, alone seal is not light under the people, but also from the product.The book “thousands of text” four body, kai method must seiko, “Yellow Court” “will teach” pen meaning, line body cang run, can be called jade version “Holy teach”, li also wonderful “by Zen” samadhi, seal book jinjin Yang ice door wind, and kai has small method, can also treasure.”Compared with the rigorous law of Ouyang Xun, wen Zhengming’s “Thousand Character Wen”, although based on Ou Kai, has his unique elegant, pure, mellow atmosphere, a book of scholarly spirit!Today, we especially recommend wen Zhengming’s small script “Thousand character Text”, using museum-level reproduction technology and rice paper material, looking forward to your love!