The National Health Commission is studying the establishment of a unified electronic medical record nationwide

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Released recently, the national WeiJianWei website on the 13th session of the National People’s Congress four conference suggested answer no. 10294 “(hereinafter referred to as the” reply “), national WeiJianWei is studying the establishment of the national unified electronic health records, electronic medical records, medical supplies, public health, medical service and health information standard system,And gradually realize interconnection, information sharing and business collaboration.How to ensure the safety of patient information is very important to establish electronic medical record.In this regard, the National Health Commission mentioned in the reply that it attaches great importance to the information security of electronic medical records and gradually improves the information security guarantee system.Through digital means, the security of patient’s medical record information is guaranteed, and the leakage and embezzlement of personal medical record information are prevented.At the same time, the national WeiJianWei requirements strictly enforce information security and health data privacy regulations, strengthen the key information application service of information infrastructure, data protection, patient information stored in the sensitive data such as requirements, strengthen the application of electronic medical record data transfer of medical institutions, Shared guidance and the supervision of safety regulation,Establish and improve the security assessment system for sharing sensitive data such as patient information to ensure information security.It is learned that in recent years, the National Health Commission has promoted the construction of national health information platform and other infrastructure to support medical data sharing.A series of documents have been issued, including Functional Guidelines for Provincial Planning and Regional Population Health Information Platform (Planning Letter of the Ministry of Health (2016) No. 1036), Application Functional Guidelines for Hospital Information Platform (Planning Letter of the Ministry of Health (2016) No. 1110), Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of National Health Information Standardization System, etc.Formulate standards and norms for information construction of hospitals and primary medical and health institutions.At present, the national Comprehensive health information platform has been basically completed, more than 7,000 secondary and above public hospitals are connected to the provincial regional platform, and more than 2,200 tertiary hospitals have initially realized information sharing in their hospitals.In December 2020, the national WeiJianWei also issued “about further promote the” five one “” Internet + medical health” service notice of action, demand level 2 above hospitals to speed up the realization of hospital medical service information Internet sharing and business collaboration, relying on the entity medical institutions to realize data sharing and business collaboration, to provide online seamless service in a row,Regional information sharing and mutual recognition will be promoted, and medical and health information such as electronic medical records, examination and test results, and medical image data will be retrieved and shared among medical institutions, so as to gradually realize mutual recognition of information covering all provinces.WeiJianWei state in the “reply”, said the next step is to joint finance, industry and information technology, and other departments to further study the relevant support policy, push forward the national health information platform, such as infrastructure construction, enhance the level of basic-level medical institutions network coverage and enhance the network capacity, promoting national medical institutions of medical information sharing;Further promote the “Internet + Medical and health” and “Five one” service actions, integrate resources, promote multi-code integration application services, and help the construction of medical informatization;We will deepen the implementation of laws and regulations such as the Data Security Law and the Personal Information Protection Law, strengthen data security management and privacy protection, and ensure the safety of patients’ personal health records.Source: People’s Daily Online Reprover: Su Hao Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue final: Zhou Jianjun