The road back home leads to “happiness”

2022-05-05 0 By

Jinshan network news the first day of the first month at 8 o ‘clock in the morning, the reporter set out from the urban area, located in dantu District Rongbing salt resources area Quyang village home.Different from past walks back to the Yangli highway, this time, the reporter listened to the advice of elders in the family: “Xinzhenrong highway built, the road condition is very good, the car is very smooth, you can try back during the New Year!”With a skeptical attitude, the reporter took his family to drive through the Guan Tang Bridge road to Yicheng Avenue, because it is the first day of the first morning, the car on the road is not much.Although it is in the middle of winter, both sides of the spacious highway are beautiful scenes of landscape and countryside: fields of wheat and vegetable fields galloping, winding hills and mountains in the distance, simple and quiet farmhouses and villages…”When my mother was a child, every time she went back to her hometown, she would get carsick because of the bump on zhenrong Road. She almost always vomited all the way back and back again.Every time I get in the car, your grandfather gives me a plastic bag.Then I looked forward all the way home ‘station’, Xilu, Shangdang, Shangshang, White rabbit, Baoyan…”On the way, the reporter told his two daughters the story of returning home as a child, which amused the children.In the reporter’s impression, in the past more than 10 years, zhenrong highway has been in the “maintenance” state, especially from the meeting to Rongbing this section, over the years the road has been bad, potholes, even lane lines have already blurred.So, since the back of the Yangli highway, every time back to the countryside, the reporter chose to walk from the highway, about 45 minutes by car.All the way to go on after the meeting, I saw the new 265 provincial road (Xinzhenrong Highway) let a person shine at the moment: wide two-way four lanes, flat asphalt pavement, green separation belt, non-motorized lanes set up complete, new street lights hung beaming red lanterns, seems to return to the people said “Happy New Year”.”We’re in White Rabbit.””Past the Treasure Weir!”The children happily “announce the station”.All the way to drive home, after baoyan, the new road, the new set of traffic lights, for a time let the reporter some trance, can not find the road back to quyang village.With the feeling, follow the navigation, finally saw the “Quyang village” three characters of the signboard.When it arrived, the time showed as 8:40, five minutes shorter than the usual ride along the Yangli highway.Back home, neighborhood has just returned home for the holiday, my cousin said, is New Year’s eve to drive away his glorious new town road back, “265 provincial road of zhenjiang to RongBing period of construction of the provincial trunk highway reconstruction project is zhenjiang key projects, starting point is located in the Dan ACTS on, the end, on the border between, dantu and jintan is over there, near the west Yang town (about 19.26 km).”He has done his homework on the construction of his hometown.Home is the return of everyone’s heart, but also the final destination of everyone’s soul, the scenery outside the United States, but also the enemy of the way home.This new road has not only made it easier for more people to return to their hometowns, but also brought rural areas in maoshan Old Revolutionary base Area on the road of rural revitalization.”Where does this new road go, Mother?””To happiness!”(Reporter Hu Bingxin)