Three new books of addicted heroes break the rules of fiction and bring a different experience

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Since the success of the transformation of historical novels, high quality historical novels have been written one after another.”The Overhan dynasty” introduces us to a writer of historical fiction with outstanding writing style, “Shao Song” further introduces us to a writer of historical knowledge, and the new book “Dethroning the Dragon” introduces us to a writer of historical fiction who is good at growth and adjustment.The biggest highlight of this novel lies in the addition of fantasy elements in the historical story, so that the historical story is also affected by fairy, adding a mysterious development trajectory for the novel.If you like shrapnel’s previous two historical novels, then this historical novel should not be missed.Like his predecessor, Rong Xiaorong is also a great god who likes to experiment with transformation;Different from the upper god, Rong Xiaorong is transformed from a historical novel into a fantasy fairy novel.The last fairy novel “big Week fairy official” public praise is good.The fantasy novel, “Childe Bixiu,” delves deeply into the funny plot, highlighting the funny style from the title to the content, and brings extraordinary appeal from the beginning.Keeping the characteristics of cool prose and pushing forward to a relaxed and funny style, Rong Xiaorong’s novels are also in constant adjustment and transformation to achieve self-transcendence.Good luck with the god’s new book.13 Mink Street by The Pure Dragon Compared with the first two gods, dragon’s creative road is more bumpy.This is due to xiao Long’s debut when the choice of the creation of the road a little otherworldly.The suspense style has changed from the original heavy taste to today’s weird fusion humor. Xiao Long’s growth has been integrated into the first book, and the progress is obvious.The new book, “13 Mink Street,” is similar in taste to “The Mysterious Lord,” but it also has its own style.The most important thing is that xiao Long has formed his own style of works after the two-way attempts of “Late Night Bookstore” and “The Devil’s Presence”.I believe that with the success of this novel, xiao Long can be promoted to a higher level of creation.