Weining, Guizhou: county leaders to the Public Security Bureau to carry out Spring Festival condolence activities

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On January 30, in the Chinese lunar New Year approaching, weining yi hui miao nationality autonomous county team leaders on the county party committee secretary Hu Jingbin comrade led, respectively, to the place of weining map public security bureau office, bureau of traffic police brigade a squadron, the five police station for the Spring Festival visits condolences, called a line at the grass-roots level, auxiliary police, police sent to the New Year blessings to you.Lu Bingjun, chairman of the County CPPCC, Yang Yune, member of the Standing Committee of the County PARTY Committee and minister of the Publicity Department, Xiao Yong, member of the standing Committee of the County Party Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, and Ding Xianli, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and director of the county Commission office attended the condolence activities.In the county public Security Bureau, traffic police brigade a squadron and Wuligang police station, Hu Jingbin on behalf of the county party Committee, the county government of the county public security officers for a long time to maintain weining social security overall harmony and stability of the contribution to express gratitude.Hu jingbin pointed out that in the past year, the county’s public security officers had the courage to assume responsibility and fought bravely, making outstanding contributions to epidemic prevention and control, social security, safety and weining construction and other aspects, providing a solid guarantee for the county’s economic and social development.In particular, the auxiliary police of the public security police were fully affirmed and highly praised for their selfless dedication to their posts during the Spring Festival.Requirements of Hu Jingbin:In the New Year, the county general public security policemen to keep in mind that be loyal, serve people, justice, discipline, consolidate deepen team education reorganization of political science and law, to further strengthen team construction, forging a special political, special discipline, especially can bear, especially can fight, especially gives a new era of weining public security tiejun,With a fuller state of mind to protect safety, protect stability, for safe Weining construction and the county’s high-quality development to protect good driving, good navigation.Weining County Public Security Bureau party committee team at home leadership, police representatives to accept condolences.We have said that the county party committee, the government’s care and requirements in mind, fall in the actual place, to do a good job of the public security work, to invest in the Spring Festival during the security, effectively maintain the overall social stability, to ensure that the people through a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.Source: Weining Public Security