18 line small town fire to Europe, every Spring Festival hot search, it is only a 5 line city in Sichuan

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When it comes to the hottest, most popular and most searched cities in China during the Spring Festival, the year of the Tiger in 2022, a fifth-tier city in Sichuan province is definitely one of the top players on the list.Now although it is only an unknown fifth-line city in Sichuan province in China, it has already been popular in Europe. At the same time, it also has a history that makes people admire. It is a city that opened high-speed rail last year, zigong City.Recently, when it comes to Zigong, I believe most people will immediately think of the Zigong Lantern Exhibition. Now the Zigong Lantern Exhibition has become an important name card of the city.Last year, the “600 Million Years of Evolution through Time” exhibition at the Paris Botanic Gardens captivated visitors by combining science, nature and art, and became a hit on social networks across Europe.Now, Zigong’s “Chinese Colorful Lantern World” in the mode of zigong Lantern Festival 4.0 fully shows the real hard power of Zigong Lantern Festival. Last year, Zigong’s lights overwhelmed the tree of life in the circle of friends. This year, it is replaced by Jingwei Goddess, who is from jingwei’s reclamation of the sea in The Book of Mountains and Seas.The whole lantern fair is divided into 14 small exhibition areas from 5 major themes, creating a thick Chinese lantern exhibition from different angles from ancient times to modern times.The elements of the 2022 Year of the Tiger Lantern Festival are more diversified, more inclusive, featuring the Chinese wind, and even mixed with some elements of the Beijing Winter Olympics. The whole lantern exhibition is created from five major themes: peace and prosperity, homesickness, together to the future, Shangyuan Fantasy land, dreamtime and so on.The whole lantern exhibition can not only let people see the extensive and profound cultural heritage of 5,000 years of China, but also stimulate people’s infinite thinking and yearning for the future.Zigong Lantern Festival this year not only retained the traditional lighting art exhibition, at the same time, this year the year of the tiger will show also very keep pace with The Times, fully using the glasses-free 3 d technology and AR virtual digital technology, through the technique of virtual reality, the book “seas”, the myth of numerous classic historical figures and all sorts of god beast are moved into the reality from the books.At the same time, there are dazzling bionic Phoenix flapping wing machine, virtual idol “Lamp lamp sister” interactive show, colorful lights + SPECIAL effects performance and so on.Zigong city, sichuan province is a famous city of gastronomy, as the world’s most famous “light city in the south of the city, zigong Lantern Festival at the same time it is one of the national non-material cultural heritage, and it is still in the period of Anti-Japanese War in zigong city donate supplies most of the cities in China, is also the Chinese ancient history of the famous” salt city “in one thousand cities,At present, it is the only city in the world with thousands of years of artificial mining salt Wells.Although zigong’s overall economic development is not particularly ideal, its glorious past history and cultural deposits and the shocking art of lamp exhibition have long been popular in Europe.Nowadays, eating salt dishes, watching Lantern Festival, visiting dinosaur museum and seeing the salt Wells of thousands of years in Zigong has become the best combination for countless people to come to this city, and it is also an important city name card for external publicity of this city.