A-shares: The 10 biggest losers of 2022

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In 2022, A-shares did not perform well, with major indexes falling sharply. The GEM Index and kEChuang 50 Index both saw A decline of more than 12%. From the perspective of individual stocks, nearly 4000 stocks saw A decline in their share prices in 2022, and more than half of them saw A decline of more than 10%.What were the biggest losers?What is the cause of the fall?What are the common characteristics?This article analyzes the reasons for the decline of the top 10 stocks, and now to talk about this matter (note: excluding secondary ipos with less than 180 days on the market).The stock price of Sinogrui has fallen by 47% this year, and the stock price is halved. After looking at its K-chart, I can only sigh with emotion. The stock price rose by 400% in less than one and a half months, and then fell by 56% in less than one month.It is true that “its rise also bo yan, its death also suddenly yan.”Why did the share price of sharp share collapse suddenly?Why this should from the share price leapt, shares from November 25, 2021, jumped suddenly, because on the relationship, and liquor company set up expensive banquet zun wine company, formally into white wine, originally is an enterprise in liquor bottles and anti-counterfeiting, now downstream development, to produce liquor, shares rose up like this.Why did the stock price collapse again?If the establishment of A liquor enterprise announced to enter the liquor stock price can rise 400%, then A shares of the money is too good to earn, there is no bottle of wine, when to produce performance or unknown number, the stock price rose 400%, this depends on the concept of up, sooner or later will fall back.Although there is a positive industry recently, on the evening of January 26, The State Council issued the “Opinions on Supporting Guizhou to Break new ground in the Development of western China in the New Era”, which proposed to give full play to the advantages of the origin and main production area of maotai-flavor liquor in chishui River basin and build an important liquor production base in China.But that did not stop Sinorui’s share price falling.When the stock price rose, the company’s shareholders took the opportunity to reduce their holdings, and the loss in 2021 widened significantly. In 2020, the loss was nearly 180 million, and in 2021, it widened to 550 million to 650 million.It was only a matter of time before such a company’s share price fell.2, drop second: *ST day 46%*ST day trend and sharp shares are very similar, the stock price in 4 months rose more than twice, and then used nearly 2 months time to return to the origin, equivalent to 65% from the peak.It’s crazy when it goes up, it’s scary when it goes down.The company’s main business is natural gas exploitation and sales, but the company has been losing money for three consecutive years from 2018 to 2020, and the performance forecast for 2021 shows that it will continue to lose money, and the loss range will greatly increase. It lost 5 billion yuan in the previous three years, and is expected to lose 5.4 billion to 7.2 billion yuan in 2021.The net worth is going to be minus 5.9 billion to minus 7.8 billion.4 consecutive years of losses, and net assets are negative, according to the relevant provisions, after the official disclosure of 2021 financial results may be terminated listing!So it is normal for the stock price to fall, but it is abnormal speculation that it rose before.Many shareholders were caught up from turnover!3. Drop no. 3: Yujing shares fell 43%. Yujing shares rose nearly 300% in two months, then fell 50% in another month, on a roller coaster ride.The company is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-hard and brittle material cutting, grinding and polishing equipment and consumables, products are used in consumer electronics, automotive industry and solar photovoltaic and other fields.The sudden jump in the company’s stock price caused the attention of the exchange and issued a letter of concern. The company also applied for suspension verification, and the stock price peaked after the resumption of trading. The company is not supported by performance, losing millions in 2020.And during the run-up, directors and executives sold down about 2.6 million shares, or hundreds of millions of shares.This kind of stock price trend is actually very common. After a sudden rise, the company’s stock price did not rise based on repeated inquiries from the exchange. After being inquired by the exchange, it was basically stripped bare, and the stock price peaked, and then returned to the origin.4, drop the fourth: *ST Minke down 41% of the stock trend is back to the origin of the rise, the stock price from January 14 suddenly continuous limit, has been 11 consecutive limit.It was originally a company with poor performance. The accounting firm issued its financial report in 2020 and could not express its opinion. In addition, the forecast of its performance in 2021 showed that its annual revenue would be less than 100 million yuan and its net profit was negative.There is no reason why the stock will not fall in this way.The stock price of Pharmaceutical Stone Technology has fallen since the end of October 2021. The stock price has dropped 60% from its peak, which is a bull stock. Since 2019, the stock price has steadily increased about six times, and now it has dropped 60% in four months.The exact reason for the decline is unclear, but the company’s biomedical sector and CRO concept sector have both seen sharp declines recently.Mango’s stock has fallen sharply since 2022, but over the longer term, it has fallen since peaking in January 2021. This is the third drop in the process, and the stock has now lost two-thirds of its value from that peak.Looking further back, Mango’s stock price rose about four times in two years from 2019 to January 2021, making it one of the safe anchors in chinext at the time.With no permanent star, Happy Camp officially ended its run on Dec. 28 last year, marking the end of the entertainment show’s 25-year history with the post-80s and post-90s generation.7, drop seventh:* ST orange star, or 39%, to this used to be a “one yuan”, have the risk of delisting, but since mid-may 2021 shares jumped suddenly, seven months time shares rose nearly 700%, shares rose the reason is simple, because the company’s business is mainly engaged in the yellow phosphorus, phosphoric acid, phosphate, and other fine phosphorus chemical series products production and sales.Belongs to the category of phosphorus chemical industry concept plate, and phosphorus chemical industry concept plate is the most popular plate in the second half of 2021, among which the leader is Hubei Yihua, the stock price rose more than ten times.Benefiting from the hot phosphorous chemical industry, the company’s performance soared in the fourth quarter of 2021, and the annual profit is expected to reach 1.35 billion to 2 billion YUAN, which not only realized the loss into profit, but also changed the company from a negative net asset into a positive one.But more good has been reflected in stock prices before, now shares fell nearly two-thirds rise because the company after the intrinsic value of the share price still can’t afford to bear, the risk of listed company is terminated, big shareholders occupy huge sum funds of listed company of 2.2 billion has not yet also, at the same time also for alleged disclosure violations by the securities and futures commission investigation,At the same time, the company involved in litigation/arbitration of up to 2.3 billion yuan.This is a business burdened with debt.The latest drop is the steepest in a stock that has lost two-thirds of its value after rising sixfold over a four-month period in 2021.The company’s main products are photovoltaic equipment and intelligent port equipment remote control and automatic control systems. Photovoltaic is the hottest concept sector in 2021, which is why its shares rose, but the whole photovoltaic concept sector also peaked in December last year.Leading tongwei shares and longji shares are also falling.No. 9: Warburg shares fell 38% The reason for the decline of Warburg shares is very direct, because the actual controller has been investigated for violation of the law and is currently under surveillance at designated residence.Meanwhile, the director of the company, who is also the son of the actual controller, has also been placed under investigation and placed under residential surveillance.Its Hong Kong stocks even direct flash collapse 75%, shocked the entire stock market!10, the tenth drop:Saddle heavy shares down 38% saddle shares of shares have lost more than two-thirds from the highs, share price slump in recent have so a couple of reasons, the first is holding more than 5% reduction of shareholders and concerted action person is no more than 2.99% of the shares (6.92 million), on January 4 to January 7 underweight among the more than 370 shares, the company shares plunged in January 7,It fell by its daily limit on January 10.The second reason is the termination of the acquisition, the company’s share price soared earlier, because the company planned to buy A lithium mining company, last year’s A-share market was justified all over the world, but the company announced on January 10th that the termination of the acquisition, which is nothing but A joy.The only positive thing was that the 5% + shareholders and their cohorts took the opportunity to sell a wave of their holdings.Summary: see the analysis of the ten stocks that drop the biggest drop reason, we can see intuitively these stocks have cattle for a period of time, the stock price rises in short time, but now the stock price has cut half from the high point, even fell back to the origin.”Mad cow” is the most dangerous, these a few years of equities has been out of the rally, but this is just the out of the stock market, and individual stocks happen every day in this kind of “mad cow”, mad cow is very dangerous, rose is very crazy, but you don’t know what’s going to, but mad cow will eventually stop, once come to a stop, is the collapse of stock prices fell sharply,Investors were caught in a trap.For example: a stock rose from 10 yuan to 100 yuan, up 900%, and then fell to 50 yuan, down 50%, but unless you entered below 50 yuan, it is a loss or trapped.But most people do not have the ability to enter below 50 yuan, and often is the last crazy time to high plate more.