Find a job to learn anti-fraud two mistakes, police job fair site “spot” to carry out anti-fraud propaganda

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“Come and listen to our anti-fraud story……””Is the ‘National Anti-fraud Center’ APP installed?”.On February 18, 2022 held in the town of jinhua city Jiang Tang enterprise employee (casc) site recruitment Jiang Tang wu city public security bureau police station police seize the favorable opportunity “sail” campaign against fraud propaganda and enhancing anti cheat “firewall” event in view of the recent multiple part-time police brush, pretend to be minor refund ‘methods such as fraud and pretend to be customer service and protection countermeasuresSolution when referring to pretend to be minor police fraud scheme villagers aunt lee said some deep feelings experienced before their thanks to the policeman arrived on time to see the crowd listened carefully to avoid the fraud police quickly seize the moment “sail” has carried on the deeper explanation to pretend to be minor fraud help people deepen memory and learn how to prevent such fraud toldThe crowd met this kind of situation should resolutely do not listen to, do not believe, do not transfer at the same time, actively guide the masses to download and install “the national center for anti cheat” APP has taught you how to use correct hand and hand present publicity materials given out during the widespread praise of the masses activities of more than 300 copies of the guide the masses to install “the national center for anti cheat APP100 times” “new citizens working peopleThe member has been the weak link of prevention propaganda, borrow the job fair to preach anti-fraud to them, kill two birds with one stone!”Chen Pan, deputy director of The Jiangtang police station, said the activity effectively improved their understanding of common telecom fraud methods, effectively protected the life and property safety of new migrant workers, and formed a good atmosphere for the police and the people to jointly build a no-fraud district