Japan football commentator: kick China team is a boring game, should not be satisfied with 2-0!

2022-05-06 0 By

Chinese team and Japanese team’s game is over, the top 12 game of life and death war finally ended in Japan 2-0 win, although Japan occupied the comprehensive advantage in the game, but also to achieve the final victory, but in Japan for such victory does not seem to satisfy, think that the Chinese team’s strength is not enough to test the strength of the Japanese, the Japanese football commentator,The match with China was a “boring match”, Japan should not be satisfied with only 2 goals to win!This is Japan’s football commentator sergio in the nikkan sports after the review, he was watching at home with the Chinese team after the game, the Japanese team is still on Japan’s 12 strong concerns about the prospects are put forward, don’t think the game Japan reflects enough passing speed and attacking play, lack of new idea on the offensive end, if it weren’t for the Chinese team strength is too weak,As a result, Japan may not even get a win, and then face Saudi Arabia, which is hardly a winning performance!And the commentators also say, Japan against China is “boring”, while Japan and Australia, not on the Chinese team to get enough goal difference as far as possible, because Australia in last night’s 12 strong competition, a 4-0 victory over Vietnam team, while Japan after scoring two goals, not keep scoring, the coaching staff and players played too cool!As you can see, the Japanese team did start to recover after taking the lead, giving China some chances!Indeed, the gap between Japan and China was so obvious that even Japanese commentators said the match did not test Japan, or even measure up to the standards of the opposing team.To know, China only had 2 dangerous shots in the whole game, and Wu Xi’s volley from the penalty area took place when Jiang Guangtai was fouled first, which means, technically speaking, Wei Shihao scored the only shot in 90 minutes last night with a free kick.It can be said that the Chinese national football team last night’s match with Japan was the most passive of the seven rounds of matches before the round of 12, before the Chinese national football Team 1-1 tie with Australia there are 8 shots, and the first leg with Japan, although the Chinese national football team is also quite passive, but there are still 3 shots, and only lost 1 goal!It has to be said that the national football team did not reflect the bright spot in the defensive end and the offensive end, which is the biggest problem, leading to the opponent even look at the eyes, maybe Li Xiaopeng in the next match can not think of winning fear of losing, must clear their own goals!(Lao Chiu Super League Football review)