Russia and the US are “racing on the field provided” by Ukraine. How will it end?

2022-05-06 0 By

As the temperature drops along the Russian-Ukrainian border, some are unhappy, wiping away sweat, relieved and secretly pleased.It’s like a half-American movie. Yes, it is.But will the film end as smoothly as America hopes?Down below, Biden said before he took the stage that he had no interest in improving relations with Russia, something Trump is trying to do because he has business in Russia.”He’s a killer,” he says in provocative language.After taking office, Biden always took the russia-Ukraine border, and said that the possibility of war on the Russia-Ukraine border is very big, Russia has been invading Ukraine, want to occupy the high ground in international opinion, put words everywhere, constantly trying to provoke Russia, the Russia-Ukraine border into a new powder keg.All this seems to Joe biden is starring, PeiJiaoEr invariably anti-russian “fighter”, such as secretary of state, blinken, national security affairs assistant Sullivan, newland, deputy secretary of state, the three men with America’s huge think-tank and spread across various organizations around the world, institutions, there lie, cheat, intimidation, distortion, kazakhstan, quiet, quiet, tajikistanBut Ukraine cannot be quiet.A year ago these three went around stirring up trouble, pulling In India, forcing South Korea, backing Up Japan, feeding NATO, scaring the EU, using the G7 as a goon to slap sanctions everywhere.It’s all in the service of those two words: the military-industrial complex.So does this car have brake pads at all?Of course, Russia needless to say can brake at any time, should be the overall Russia is still in the passive defense of the big pattern, is the United States has been carrying with the pendant constantly poke Russia, so the United States has no brake skin is the key, the United States has?Have, of course, but the brake doesn’t work, even someone back brake oil on the skin, the eu can calculate a, cia director burns, also calculate a, for now, the European Union in France, Germany has played a braking effect, can seem to be the trend of the car didn’t stop, it has the potential to accelerate, Ukraine, of course, take the initiative to give up to join NATO,Basically, both cars stalled, but that’s an outcome the U.S. doesn’t seem to want, and that’s the crux of this crisis.It can’t be avoided. The outcome is unpredictable. In the short term, Russia has won.The Russia-EU energy corridor is vital to the Russian economy!