Why did Hitler, the war maniacal during WORLD War II, dare not attack our country?Here are four reasons why

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During the Second World War, Hitler led his army to sweep across Europe. Germany’s military weapons and equipment were also at the world’s advanced level at that time. Why didn’t Hitler attack the eastern powers during the war?Hitler, with his ambition, didn’t lay such a big piece of fat on it!Why on earth did Hitler not do this?If you are new to the company, please click “Like” to learn the real story behind the history.There are four main reasons why Hitler did not send troops to our country.No extra energy to many;Military spending is huge;The grace of the rumors have been the Chinese first is Germany has come up with enough troops to attack my country, after all, between the two countries in miles, if Hitler took things too hard, want to go to war in east Asia, absolutely can’t be as simple thousands or tens of thousands of people, the number of minimum also get more than thousand, but so many people, even in the now,The fastest military transport would take days to complete, and in addition to people, there would be a lot of food, supplies and weapons to move, because europeans and Asians have very different diets.Doesn’t seem to agree with the German world war ii German Asian rice, have extra energy war battlefield, hungry and no extra strength to run, even Germany has enough conveyor, can carry soldiers, such a long flight distance, also let the plane is too much for some, is likely to fall in our country, some high altitude in China and the west and low in terrain,With many rivers and rivers, China has almost all the terrains of other countries in the world. Without a detailed grasp of China’s terrains, Germany did not dare to attack at all. Moreover, many of their tanks and heavy artillery could not be transported, which would greatly weaken their combat effectiveness.And German original land area is lesser, population is not much, blitzkrieg although let them in the first beat in many countries, but also lost a lot of strength, but our country is different, the vast land area, population base is big, the German troops sent to come over the, we may not have a province, Hitler concentrated all the troops arrived in our country,Such a big European battlefield would certainly be unstable. Hitler was not a fool. He could not set fire to his own backyard for the sake of a fat piece of meat far away.German the second point is that Hitler had not enough energy to cope with a one-to-many war, although during the second world war, the lightning tactics of a quick victory, Hitler invaded many countries, and therefore, set up a lot of enemies, Britain and France and other countries were initially dozen of losing, but as the war changed the situation, the German invasion of Moscow,Instead, they were pushed back to Berlin by the Soviet Army. It was from the moment of defeat in the Moscow War that the German army gradually lost the battle on the battlefield.Before a change to play a game to win a war, and at the same time, is more terrible, France, Britain and other countries to react, start fighting back, and the United States to aid his Allies Britain and France, part also sent troops to join the European battlefield, this also makes the germans on the battlefield, appeared a pair of more tension,And in all of the countries that the Germans were occupying, they had some of their troops stationed there, so they had very few people to send to the front.No matter how advanced Germany’s weapons and equipment were at that time, it could not stand the strength of the Allied forces. Therefore, it would be good for The German army to keep its strength in Europe, and there was no extra energy, considering China in East Asia!Although Germany has developed military industry, it should be known that war is a very expensive thing, Germany before the Second World War, the national economy has just recovered, but the expenditure of money is also very limited, only those weapons and ammunition, just think about it, feel very horrible and serious consumption.German machinery China couple thankful there is, our a pair of husband and wife had done Hitler, don’t look at Hitler’s murderous war in world war ii slasher, invasion of other countries, the plan implementation of an abnormal condition, to kill the jews, but in his heart, for once when he was young, had helped him a Chinese couple,I am very grateful.Though Hitler became the head of state in Germany, but he have a very poor childhood, often is not the next meal, said that he had been in his life: when a couple Chinese couples living in Austria, free of charge for his help, for the first time to see him, gave him 500 Austrian schilling for living expenses and tuition,Because they lived not far from each other, the couple often invited Hitler to stay with them for dinner.Hitler even at see Hitler paintings day, also actively help Hitler contacted very famous Vienna school in Europe, hope to be able to give him a better place to study painting, although do not know whether the communication between the parties, but the couple for Hitler’s help, is absolutely the most pure and sincere.Icing on the cake is never timely help, more people can be deeply remembered.Later, when Hitler was in power, he still did not give up looking for the Chinese couple who had helped him. He even used all his connections but failed to find them, which also became a lingering regret in his heart.Estimates that it is because of this reason, Hitler came to power to Hitler itself to our country’s traditional culture more appreciation and liking, as a strategist, in March when the war also needs to research on the tactics, so Hitler will often read sun tzu’s the art of simple version of the translated into German, sometimes will these books with him,Before going to bed at night will carefully read, it is really unimaginable that a war maniacal will have so much patience to study foreign books, more unexpected is that Hitler assiduously study at the same time, there will be a large number of reading notes.Part of the reason why he did not send troops to invade our country is also because of the kindness left in his heart.In fact, this was also related to his early experience. There were also rumors that when Hitler was young, two Japanese teenagers damaged Hitler’s car, which made Hitler, who always believed that blood was different from that of other countries,I think there is a fundamental difference between Japanese and Chinese natures.Japs Hitler’s crazy, but for the understanding of the essential differences between Chinese and Japanese people is very clear, Japan since ancient times, just never give up on our country’s aggression, but the development of our country in ancient times, either a dynasty country, power is for Japan to have nothing to say at the time of powerful exist, although a backward for a short period of time,However, they still defeated the Japanese with their indomitable strength. In addition, The cooperation between Germany and Japan at that time was just to gain their own interests. Even if Germany and Japan won the war, they would eventually lose because of mutual harm.End of world war I, Germany’s defeat, many European countries want a slice of fruit, after the defeat of Germany in the bar also experienced the devastation of war, domestic scarred, be to dismember, at the same time also face huge economic compensation, in this case, Hitler saw hope, he has his own efforts, to create the Nazi party, and became the ruling party,Hitler became head of state.The German Nazi during this period, Hitler to develop national economy, employment, promote the development of the country, suffered from the war against the German public, every family have bread to eat again, for the German people, Hitler is at that time, as the existence of the entire German savior, but everything for the people on the surface,In fact, Hitler was also developing Germany’s military power in secret, and then he was directly and openly expanding his military power in order to retaliate against the countries that had carved up Germany after its defeat.No matter is ultimately what is the reason, Hitler finally do not have enough ability, across two continents to attack our country, whether because of Hitler’s heart only good thoughts, or when he really doesn’t allow, even Hitler’s troops attack in our country, finally can only let their soldiers died in the battlefield of our country, only Hitler came,Not enough to cover up his war crimes.