1-0!Lionel Messi misses, Kylian Mbappe finishes second, Paris wins real Madrid, the king of the ball has changed

2022-05-07 0 By

The first leg of the Uefa Champions League 1/8 final kicks off on February 16: Paris Grande VS Real Madrid.In the first half, neither team scored;In the second half, Messi missed the penalty kick Mbappe.In the end, Greater Paris beat Real Madrid 1-0.Great Paris and Real Madrid, this is undoubtedly the champions League round of 16 game in the highlight.Now the Great Paris, the army, and Messi in the seat;And real Madrid, already is not the galacticos of former days.Therefore, the vast majority of fans believe that Greater Paris will win easily.Greater Paris dominated the first half, with Real Madrid having only two touches in the opposition’s penalty area, the fewest they have had in the first half of a Champions League game since 2014.However, the 0-0 score was not broken.In the second half, Carvaljal put down Mbappe to send point, Messi penalty was saved by Courtois.In the 94th minute of stoppage time, Mbappe scored.Grande Paris beat Real Madrid 1-0 to win the first leg.The second leg of the tie between the two sides moves to the Bernabeu on 10 March.From the knockout stages of this season’s Champions League, there is no away goal advantage rule.Therefore, if Greater Paris go to the Bernabeu with a 0-0 scoreline, there will be no advantage.Instead, they will be under immense pressure from Real Madrid’s 12th man.Today, Mbappe has certainly saved the team.If the score had been 0-0, Messi’s first-leg penalty miss would have made him the biggest culprit if Paris had been knocked out by Real Madrid.Conversely, can Pochettino stay in the team?At the end of the season, I’m afraid.Fortunately, there is Mbappe.And through this game, can also draw the conclusion: the king has changed.Paris starters: 50- Donnaruma, 2- Ashraf, 3- Kimpumbe, 5- Marchinios, 25- Nuno Mendes, 6- Veratti, 8- Paredes, 11- di Maria, 15- Danilo Pereira, 7- Mbappe, 30- Messi real Madrid starters:1- Courtois, 2- Carvalho, 3- Militang, 4- Alaba, 23- Mendi, 14- Casemiro, 8- Crosas, 10- Modric, 11- Asensio, 20- Vinicius, 9- Benzema