Gu Ailing ring manicure is too beautiful, in fact, these manicures are also pretty beautiful

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“The love of beauty, everyone has”.Women not only love beautiful clothes, stylish hair, sophisticated makeup, but also love all kinds of fashion nail art.Especially just after the New Year, to the early spring season, a variety of nail art appears in our sight, attracting our attention.This time, Gu Ailing won the first gold medal of women’s freestyle ski platform in the history of the Winter Olympics.As she accepted her award, she drew attention to the fact that her nail art was an Olympic ring. It was beautiful.Have to say, Gu Ailing’s five ring nail is really too beautiful, attract everyone to choose the same nail.So, Kitty has put together a few stylish manicures to share with you.Here, take a look at some other spring manicures.Gu Ailing ring manicure is too beautiful, in fact, these manicures are also pretty beautiful.Gu Ailing’s five-ring nail art is too beautiful ♡ : fresh and eye-catching color in early spring, all things recover, let a person feel a school of vitality and fresh breath.At this time, we should choose manicure with fresh color style.For example: Gu Ailing’s five-ring manicure.Her manicures are universally popular, for one thing, because the color palette is fresh and eye-catching.Transparent background + pure white nail edge + Olympic rings, which constitutes a fashionable, fresh and eye-catching five rings nail.Although the color is simple and there is no lack of sense of design and advanced sense, let a person feel the vitality of youth.♡ : Has special meaning and should Jinggu Love Ling’s five rings nail also has special meaning and very appropriate.In the Winter Olympics, the choice of nail art with the Olympic rings, both reflects the feelings of patriotism, and show the heart of the girl love the United States and charming feeling.This five-ring manicure naturally attracts the attention of the public.These manicures are also beautiful and perfect for spring: Jumping nails get rid of the monotony and drudgery of “smooth colors,” giving a new and stylish visual effect.Not only make the whole not monotonous, but also easier to highlight the impression, leaving a person lively, sweet, youth and other visual effects.While a straight flush is simple and stylish, it can be a bit monotonous, while a jump color is creative and makes the whole manicure vivid and bright.Jump colors can be different colors for all five fingers, or they can be mixed with other designs.Take, for example, the jumping manicure pictured above.Forefinger and little thumb color are consistent, middle finger and ring finger color are consistent, such jump color is simple and fashionable, can give a person a kind of vitality and vivid already inspect feeling likewise.② : Patchwork nail Art Patchwork nail art is a way of stitching two colors together. If we choose this nail art in early spring, it is recommended to choose a color that fits the current season.For example, green and white nail art is a good way to match colors.Green is fresh, white is pure, the combination of the two colors, just let us feel the vitality of the early spring season is vigorous and youthful vitality, seems very appropriate.It is also a common way to choose matching colors of nail art according to color patterns.Look at this Mosaic nail color is in accordance with the color of the Daisy, yellow + white Mosaic nail color appears lively and bright, let a person feel the girl’s nifty and youthful atmosphere.The matching color nail art is suitable for girls who jump out of character, which is just right.3: Halo dye nail is also one of the ways that girls like, it will be 2 or more colors using the method of halo dye together, visually give a person a dreamy and romantic effect, it is fashionable and eye-catching.Vertigo nail art breaks the monotony of solid colors and reintroduces a blend of advanced beauty.No matter which stage of women, choose to dye nail, can easily get a sense of advanced.Solid color manicures are trendy, but most people are crazy about floral manicures.Common manicures can be simply divided into two types: patterned and decorative.Design money is to join the design such as flower, checkerboard case, stripe above fingernail more, and it is painted through nail polish or it is to join design directly.Either way, it’s an effective way to show off a woman’s high glamour.In order to highlight the advanced or exquisite of their nails, many girls choose to wear diamond nails.In a finger or all fingers, add fashion and eye-catching decorative diamond as an ornament, can not only attract the attention of the public, but also highlight the advanced and atmospheric nail art, but also highlight the light luxury and elegant side of the individual.So that’s it for this spring manicure, which one do you like better?Original text, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.Wen: small rui acridine