Sichuan tragic fierce car accident: the freight car on the highway even bump into 3 cars to send 6 dead 28 injury!Driver fatigue driving

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On February 14, 2022, the Procuratorate of Jialing District, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province disclosed a tragic traffic accident.The driver, Wu, who was tired driving a heavy truck, hit two cars in a row on the Shanghai-Chengdu expressway and then crashed into a passenger car, causing 6 deaths and 28 injuries in a major accident.The general manager, deputy general manager and chief of the safety section of a transportation company in Nanchong were prosecuted for the crime of major liability accident.The accident occurred in May 14 last year at 16:40 xu, Wu mou driving heavy special structure truck to G42 Shanghai-Chengdu expressway 1767KM+600M, has collided with yi xx, Zhang XX driving a minivan, the truck rushed out of the center fence and the opposite lane of the bus collision,Wu, Kang, Deng and other 6 people were killed on the spot, 28 people were injured in a traffic accident.Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department highway Public Security Bureau five branch two brigade identified, Wu fatigue driving bear the main responsibility for the traffic accident.Nanchong City people’s government investigation report identified, G42 Shanghai-Chengdu high-speed “5.14” large road traffic accident is a production safety accident.Driver Wu mou is the main direct cause of the accident, yi so-and-so and Zhang so-and-so two improper operation, is another direct cause of the accident.Nanchong transportation Co., LTD., which belongs to the heavy truck, has not seriously implemented the main responsibility of safety production. First, the company’s person in charge of safety has not passed the assessment of safety production knowledge and management ability, and does not have the qualification of road transport enterprise safety management;Second, the company failed to equip full-time dynamic GPS monitoring personnel for road transportation as required, and failed to monitor and manage online vehicles in real time, and failed to timely find and eliminate the potential safety hazards of heavy truck drivers driving vehicles when they are tired.Third, the company did not carry out safety education and training for the heavy truck driver Wu Mou according to law, so that he did not know enough about his dangerous behavior of driving the motor vehicle fatigue, which was the indirect cause of the accident.Zhang, general manager of the company, is responsible for the accident.Deputy general manager Zhang Mou jun, safety section chief fu mou has the main leadership responsibility for the accident.After the accident, a transportation company raised 300 thousand yuan to help deal with the accident.Up to now, a total of 7,754,4440.25 yuan has been paid for economic losses.Prosecutors accused: zhang makes three people not safe production management responsibilities in accordance with the law, due to a production safety responsibility “5.14” accident, their behavior has violated the criminal law of the People’s Republic of China the provisions of paragraph 1 of article one hundred and thirty-four, criminal fact is clear, evidence really, fully, should take major responsibility accident crime shall be investigated for their criminal responsibility according to law.The case opened at the first instance of the Jialing District People’s Court in Nanchong city, Sichuan Province.