When qian and duan Jing live, ranked in the last of 100 single eight will, how will they think?

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Don’t think much of it.Because he only ranked last in the “100 singles and eight generals”.There were so many people on Liangshan mountain. In addition to “one hundred and eight generals”, there were thousands of soldiers.Compared with these people, Duan Jingzhu can “list”, it is also an honor.Just like college students’ exams, when they get 60 points, most of them will only be glad to pass, instead of entangling “I am the last one to pass”, because there are still failed.Of course, if it is a good student, certainly will not be satisfied with passing.But then again, only 60 points, what kind of outstanding students?What about Shi Qian and Duan Jingzhu? Are they excellent students?Of course not.The last of the king live, and the second from the bottom of the time, is two thieves.There are thieves and thieves.”He who steals the hook shall be executed, and he who steals the state shall be hou”.However, shi Qian for the sake of appetites, stealing the big cock that announces dawn, character is obviously not noble.Duan Jing lives, stealing a fine horse, don’t want to have, but then thought “to the horse to come and lay with head”, want to sung river, not again, halfway “that had taken away the five tigers”, and with the sung river, certify to sung river had his back to the gift to sung river – this kind of men?Fortunately, “Outlaws of the Marsh” does not take morality as a judgment standard, otherwise the time moved duan Jing live these two goods, which can enter the ranks of “should star chief”!He was satisfied enough to be one of the “star leaders”. How dare he compete for the rank?