In-depth grass-roots inspection to send health, military families are not discharged to enjoy preferential treatment

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“Visiting family members can also enjoy visiting medical services,” said Sun Xingwei, a reporter from the PLA Daily.On the eve of the Spring Festival, a visiting medical team from the 901 Hospital of the Joint Logistic Support Force (JLFS) visited a unit in Anhui province despite the cold wind.”In accordance with the interim regulations on medical treatment protection for servicemen and military personnel, which came into effect on January 1, spouses of servicemen, parents of officers and non-commissioned officers and parents of their spouses are also included in the scope of medical treatment service, so that they can effectively enjoy the preferential treatment policy for relatives of servicemen.”The hospital leadership said.Reporters saw at the scene, many military wives with children, old people holding grandchildren, one after another came to the medical table.”Recently, I feel my eyes are not well. I can’t see well.”Ms. Chen, 67, told duan Tonghua, a military doctor, about her discomfort.Duan tonghua examined it carefully and gave detailed treatment suggestions.Later, Duan tonghua picked up a color page of the key points of the policy made by the hospital and explained relevant policies and regulations to Chen and the military family who came to see the doctor.”When one is a soldier, the whole family is honored.The new policy has not only enhanced our military’s sense of achievement and honor, but also made our military families feel happier!”Chen Mei, mother-in-law of li Bin, told reporters that his wife suffers from chronic disease and needs long-term treatment and medication.After the implementation of the new policy, it is much more convenient for the wife to see a doctor and reduce the burden on the family.”In order to coordinate with the implementation of the new regulations and ensure the medical security of military and military families, our hospital has introduced a number of preferential policies: military and military families can live in exclusive wards, open up green channels for medical treatment…”Hu Liang, a doctor of the hospital, introduced a series of preferential policies and supporting measures for military families in detail.”Experts come to our door to check the pulse, so that we feel at ease over the health of the New Year, we will support children in the army to work harder, do not live up to the care and love of the organization!”A family member who visited the clinic praised him repeatedly.On February 8, bring in the people’s liberation army newspaper version 2 source | liberation army newspaper, learning corporation (ID: xuexijuntuan) system: the downtown Xiao-hui zhang review: yan Bashan Zou Fei principal editor: week boat wei qiao qiao