Lakers give up son to bulls for reassurance!The offensive system relies on him to support 1 trait far more than the backcourt double gun

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When it comes to surprising teams halfway through the season, the Chicago Bulls are definitely one of them.Although the Bulls signed a big three in the offseason, it was not expected that the newly formed team would hold the top spot in the Eastern Conference.Being able to get where we are today is inseparable from the efforts of the entire Bulls team, but ball, as the core point guard, has also made great contributions for the Bulls.Ball signed with the Bulls in the offseason to prove he has what it takes to lead a team.Even so, lavine and the bulls’ subsequent acquisition of demar derozan meant Ball, who had to step aside in seniority and ability, was considered the last of the big three, with even Vucevic ahead of him.But Ball didn’t care, and he knew the bulls needed him.Despite their offensive firepower, the Bulls still need a guard to clean up their offense, and they haven’t been able to find one in the past few seasons, which has kept the Bulls from making the playoffs.This offseason, the Bulls’ front office clearly wanted to change that, which is why they signed Ball.In fact, for the Bulls, the introduction of Ball is a two-stone thing.Although lavine and derozan are among the best scorers in the league, neither has been able to help the Bulls run a fluid offense, either defensively or passing, aside from their offensive prowess.The Bulls clearly want a new look after spending a lot of money on payroll, and Ball is the key to solving those problems.Now in his fifth NBA season, Ball would be considered a veteran based on the average NBA player’s length of service in the league.Ball has been considered a gifted passer since he came into the league, and has always been a great assist for the Bulls offense.In terms of individual offense, Ball is no slayer, especially his three-point shooting, which has become the most accurate way for the Bulls to score from outside.On the defensive end, Ball’s ability has been fully demonstrated.While derozan and lavine dominate the offense, Ball’s contributions on the defensive end are equally important.No matter what kind of game the Bulls play, Ball is the first line of defense, and it’s because of ball’s contribution on the defensive end that the Bulls gradually get back to the old defensive feel, and Ball’s awareness of the defense is very good, when he is on the court, the Bulls can maintain some intensity.Lavine and demar derozan are the bulls’ most eye-catching players on the court, but Ball is the one who decides the bulls’ ceiling.With the bulls’ current record, making the playoffs isn’t out of the question, but ball is going to have to play well in the postseason.Only with ball’s quality play will the Bulls truly appreciate the power of the big Three’s core rotation.After all, the Bulls didn’t just want to make the playoffs after forming the Big Three.