Notice on the release of the movements of the six close contacts

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Epidemiological investigation has verified the movements of close contacts of a confirmed case (mild) reported on April 2 in Urumqi since March 29. Quarantine measures have been taken for all the six close contacts identified.In order to effectively carry out epidemic prevention and control in a scientific and accurate manner in accordance with the law, further investigation and search for people who may have been in contact with close contacts or their companions in time and space, the main movement tracks of the above-mentioned close contacts are published as follows:At 14:43 on March 29, I went to the Hot pot restaurant of Weitanniu Fresh cut beef in Anju South Road, Shuimogou District. At 16:01, I walked to the Dajiale Convenience Store in The Second West Lane of South Hu Road. At 16:08-16:21, I walked back to my home in the Courtyard of No. 100, Second West Lane of South Hu Road.At 11:30 on March 30, go to July 1 Soy Sauce Garden Life Supermarket (non-staple food area), Huanghe Road, Shayback District; at 11:40, drive to The Children’s playground of Orange Paradise, on the second floor of July 1 Sunshine Life Square, Xinmin East Street, Shuimogou District; at 14:10, buy cakes in Xinan Bakery, on the first floor of July 1 Sunshine Life Square;At 11:16 on March 31, I went shopping in the Funeral goods supermarket of Urumqi Funeral Parlor, Yanerwo Road, Tianshan District; from 14:12 to 14:17, I went shopping in the convenience store, West Second Lane, Nanhu Road, Shuimogou District every day and every night.2. From 11:30 to 13:00 on March 29, I went to Liangli Hairdressing shop, West Lane 2, Nanhu South Road, Shuimogou District, and stopped at Lvye Flower Shop from 13:03 to 13:08;13:09-13:40 At Hehe Dumpling Restaurant, 14:30-15:15 take no. 104 bus from Nanhu Community station to Beimen Medicinal Materials Company Station;15:30-17:30 At Jianqun Fitness Club, floor 5, Nanguang Pearl Building, Guangming Road;17:59-18:12 take no. 501 bus from Beimen Medicinal Materials Company station to Archives Bureau;18:13-18:15 Stay at the nucleic acid collection point of the underground garage of Wanxiang Building, Anju South Road, Shuimogou District;18:18-18:23: Walk home after picking up express delivery from Runjia Supermarket and Dajiale Supermarket in West Second Lane, South Hu Road;19:45-20:05 Go to nucleic acid collection site of underground garage of Wanxiang Building, Anju South Road again, walk home at 20:00;10 March 30:40-13:15 Fitness Club, 5th floor, Nanguang Pearl Building, Guangming Road, Tianshan District, 13:15-14:00, Baimianchuanqi Restaurant, Lanxiuyuan West Street, Shayibaku District, 16:28-16:39, take Bus 306 from Nanhu Square station to Youyou Shopping Mall, 16:40-17:00, shopping at Jiazi West Point, Karamay East Street.17:00 — 18:00 stop at the paediatrics and pharmacy of the Military Area General Hospital;18:30-19:15 Take express delivery at Runjia Supermarket and Daljiale Supermarket in West Second Lane, South Hu Road, Shuimogou District, and then go home. Stop at Nanhu Carrefour Night Market and Shupi Bone soup malatang, South Hu Road from 20:40-22:04.Close contacts: From 11:30 to 15:00 on March 29, they stayed at Liangli Hair salon in The West Lane 2, Nanhu Road, Shuimogou District. They went to the Hot pot restaurant of Weitanniu Fresh cut beef in Anju Road from 15:02 to 16:01 and returned to the hair salon from 16:03 to 17:30.March 30 19:00-20:00 go to Liangli Hair Salon, West Lane 2, South Hu Road.Close contacts 4: March 30, 12:Around 45, take a taxi to Kangnai Shoes Store and Fenishiting Shoes Store in Dasimen Shoe City, Zhongshan Road, Zhongshan Road, Tianshan District. After placing orders from 13:30 to 13:50 in Kaijie Beauty & Hairdressing Products Co., LTD., west Baqian Street, Xihe District, take a taxi to Work in Zhongshan Huayuan Tiantian Hair Salon, Xihuan Middle Road, Shaibuck District. At 21:00, order food at Yimei Cold skin shop next to the hair salon.22:39 Shopping in Zhongtian Tobacco, wine and vegetable and fruit store near Tiantian hair salon, and then returning home by taxi;At 11:00 on March 31st, take Bus no. 909 from Cultural Palace station to Nongliu Shi Community Station, get off and walk to Tiantian Hair Salon. At 19:20, shop at HNA Fairprice store near Tiantian Hair Salon.On April 1, collect nucleic acid at the nucleic acid collection point in the small square of the Family Affiliated Courtyard of the Transport Administration bureau at about 11:00. Take Bus No. 909 from Cultural Palace Station to Nongliushi Community Station and walk to Tiantian Hair salon.From 14:00 to 15:00, go shopping at Hongyun Store near the hair salon;Take no. 909 bus from Meiheyuan Station to Cultural Palace Station at about 22:00.On March 29, 13:20-14:30, at Liangli Hair Salon, No. 52, West Second Lane, Nanhu Road, Shuimogou District, go shopping in Carrefour supermarket from 14:40-15:25, then go to the community convenient vegetable shop near Tiantian Hair Salon. 16:Take No. 309 bus from Nanhu Community to blood Station, then transfer to No. 910 bus from blood Station to Hongmiaozi Station in Shaybak District and return home;March 30, 17:30-18:11: Take Bus 910 from Hongmiaozi Station to Blood Station, transfer to bus 309 from blood station to Nanhu Community, Shuimoigou District at 18:28: From 18:50 to 21:50 at Liangli Hair Shop, West Lane 2, Nanhu South Road, 22:00-22:Take No. 309 bus from Nanhu Community to the blood station, and then transfer to No. 910 bus from the blood station to Hongmiaozi Station after 22:19.March 30, 10:00-18:00 Work in Kaijie Beauty & Beauty Wholesale Company, No. 21, Xihebaqian Street, Tianshan District, 18:00-18:30 Walk to Diwang International Mall Station in Shaybak District, take Bus D001 to Kaziwan Station in Midong District, then transfer bus 54 to Kashi East Road Pharmaceutical Factory in High-tech Zone (new urban area), walk to 37 Middle School to pick up children from school at about 18:40, walk to Chenguang Stationery store near 37 Middle school to shop and return home at 18:57;March 31st, walk to No. 37 Middle School at 9:00 to send the children to school, take No. 52 bus at 9:20 to Kaziwan Station, transfer to No. 508 bus at 10:00 to Xiaoximen Station, walk to Kaijiemei Beauty Salon Wholesale Company, walk to Yatai Shopping Plaza, No. 90 Zhongshan Road, nucleic acid collection point, 10:Walk back to work place at about 30, take D001 bus at 18:00, transfer to No.54 bus at kaziwan Station at 18:30 and go to Pharmaceutical Factory Station, walk to 37 middle school to pick up the children at 18:40, then walk home.Take bus No. 52 from The Pharmaceutical Factory station to the South Train Station of Shaybak District at 9:20, then transfer to No. 508. Arrive at Dasimen Station at 10:00, walk to the nucleic acid collection site of Yatai Shopping Plaza at 10:10 to collect nucleic acid, and return to work place at about 10:30, 18:00 drove to 37 middle school to pick up the children, then returned home did not go out.In view of the omicron strain of the epidemic spread, it has the characteristics of fast transmission, strong penetration and hidden transmission in the community. In order to contain the spread of the epidemic as soon as possible and protect the lives and health of people of all ethnic groups, the municipal headquarters for epidemic prevention and control reminds the general public friends: 1.Those who met or came into contact with the above-mentioned close contacts on the same occasion at the same time should immediately report to their local communities (villages) or units, and actively cooperate with nucleic acid testing and relevant prevention and control measures, forming a synergy of the whole society to actively participate in epidemic prevention and control.2. Pay close attention to their health situation, once appear, fever, dry cough, fatigue, diminished sense of smell, taste, stuffy nose, runny nose, sore throat, conjunctivitis, muscle pain, diarrhea, please immediately to the nearby fever outpatient service seeing a doctor, doctor, please wear a face mask, in the process of do not take public transportation, contribute strength for rapid block the outbreak.3.Please pay close attention to official information, do not panic, do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, do not spread rumors, continue to adhere to the prevention of gathering, wearing masks, nucleic acid collection, vaccination, social distancing and other protective measures, to protect the health of their own and their families.4.Those who violate laws and regulations on epidemic prevention and control by concealing, falsely reporting or delaying travel information, or failing to actively report for registration, or failing to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control work, thus causing serious consequences, will be severely dealt with in accordance with laws and regulations.Thank you for your cooperation.Municipal Headquarters of Epidemic Prevention and Control April 3, 2022