Ordos new energy owners, 2000 yuan subsidies come to apply!

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According to the spirit of the document “Notice of Ordos Municipal People’s Government on Printing and Distributing the Three-year Action Work Plan of Ordos City’s Modern Service Industry Upgrading” (Hubei Fufa (2021) No. 312), the national sales policy of new energy vehicles has been implemented. After preliminary testing, the channel for applying for subsidies has been officially opened.1. Purchase new energy vehicles from local enterprises above the quota (attached is the list of automobile enterprises).2. The purchase time shall be implemented from the date of issuance of the document. New energy vehicles purchased from November 17, 2021 shall enjoy the policy, subject to the purchase invoice.3. Issue the purchase invoice locally.4. Types of new energy vehicles include pure electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (including extended-range) and fuel cell vehicles.Non-plug-in hybrids do not receive subsidies.Second, the subsidy standard in the local quota above the vehicle enterprises to buy new energy vehicles, and issue local invoices, each new energy vehicles will be given a subsidy of 2000 yuan.Step 1: Scan the code to pay attention to the wechat public number “Ordos Business”;Step 2: Click “Convenient Service – Service Industry Subsidy Policy”;The third step: according to the prompts truthfully fill in the “Ordos City new energy car subsidy application” related information (including:The company (please select from the list), the name of the purchaser or the name of the purchaser, contact information, ID card number or credit code of the purchaser, the information of the purchaser’s bank card, and the photo information of the bank card (front side), ID card, driving license, vehicle registration certificate, purchase invoice, etc.);Step 4: Click “Submit” button;Step 5: After receiving your application, the backstage will manually review your application information and publicize the list of applicants for subsidies on the wechat public account of “Ordos Business” for social supervision. If there is no objection to the publicized results, the staff will contact you about subsidy issuance.Four, note 1. The allowance system “to accept the partial distribution, background first trial, manual review,” manner, by the third party review of application objects to upload data, the ordos city business bureau after examination and approval, will be the result of the public to the society through the official website (five working days of the public time), according to the standard after no objections to cash subsidy funds.2. The applicant shall be the owner of the motor vehicle, the same as the owner of the unified motor vehicle sales invoice, driving license, vehicle registration certificate and bank account.Each eligible new energy vehicle can only apply for one comprehensive subsidy.3. The applicant shall be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials. If the applicant provides false information to defraud the financial subsidy funds, the subsidy qualification of the motor vehicle owner will be cancelled, the subsidy funds will be recovered, and the responsibility will be investigated according to law.4. Automobile sales enterprises should operate in good faith, strictly distinguish between product sales incentives and government financial subsidies, and strictly prohibit replacing sales incentives with government financial subsidies.Those who falsify sales invoices to assist the owners of new energy vehicles to defraud financial subsidies will be disqualified from applying for subsidies, and the relevant enterprises will be investigated for their responsibilities according to law.5. For enterprises that have not issued local invoices for consumers of new energy vehicles sold by automobile sales enterprises above the quota in Ordos City, please contact automobile production enterprises in time, strive for local settlement, enjoy ordos New energy vehicle purchase subsidies, and promote the prosperity and development of New energy market in Ordos City.6. For enterprises not included in the sales of cars above the quota, we will include the cars that meet the requirements into the scope of subsidies by timely reporting to local commerce and statistics departments.7. Subsidy channels will be opened for people to trade in old home appliances for new ones, send cars to the countryside and purchase freight vehicles.For other matters not covered, please consult Erdos Commerce Bureau, tel: 0477-8588176 (working days).1. Ordos Kangtai Lexus Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. 2.Ordos Xinfeng Tai Xinjie Automobile Co., LTD. 3. Ordos Dezhongxin Automobile Sales Co., LTD. 4.Ordos Deaoxin Automobile Sales Co., LTD. 5. Ordos Hexing Automobile Sales service Co., LTD. 6.Ordos Kangtai Toyota Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Xinan Foundation Automobile Sales Co., LTD. 9. Ordos Fuxincheng Automobile Sales Co., LTD. 10.Ordos City Tianyi Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Ordos Xin ‘an Automobile Trade Service Co., LTD. Ordos Lifeng Automobile Sales Service Co., LTD.Ordos Tianchi Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Inner Mongolia Runfeng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. Inner Mongolia Aojie Flagship Center Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Ruiyu Auto Trade Co., LTD.Ordos Xinde Huidfeng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Inner Mongolia Aojietong Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Zhifeng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Chengxing Automobile Co., LTD.Ordos Dongsheng Fubang Automobile Trading Co., LTD. 29. Ordos Dongrui Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. 30.Ordos Huazhun Industry and Trade Group Co., LTD.Ordos Huitong Luhua Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Yinda Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Xindatong Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Xinancheng Automobile Sales Co., LTD. 39. Inner Mongolia Wanyue Automobile Industry Co., LTD. 40.Ordos Tongtai Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ordos Jinyi Automobile Trade Co., LTD.Ordos Mengkai Tongda Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Ordos Junhao Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Erdos Lingfeng Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD. 49. Inner Mongolia Kaisheng Automobile City Co., LTD. 50.Dalat Banner Flying Dragon Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Dalat Banner Zhongyi Wanda Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Zhungeer Banner Tianyi Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Ordos Baisheng Automobile Trade Co., LTD. 57. Etoke Banner Anxin Automobile Trade Co., LTD. 58.Hangzhou Jinqi Yifeng Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Inner Mongolia Runde Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Wushen Qi Hexing Automobile Sales Co., LTD.Wushen Qi Hexin Automobile Sales and Service Co., LTD.Ejin Horo Banner Hongyang Feilong Automobile Trading Co., LTD