“Pingshan Dynamic” Provincial Pingshan Hospital organized and carried out sensory control management training

2022-05-08 0 By

Wuzhishan, February 16 (Article/Huizhu Photo/Yang Gang) Sense control is the key to epidemic prevention and control. Everyone is a practitioner of infection prevention and control. In order to comprehensively improve the hospital’s ability of sense control, Pingshan Hospital in Hainan Province organized a training on sense control management for full-time and part-time staff on February 16.The training was delivered by Wu Lina, director of the hospital sense, and the directors of the department, head nurse and sense control personnel attended the training.Wu Lina used PPT to explain the status quo of hospital sense control in a simple way, pointed out the existing problems, and required the staff of each department to make detailed manual records of all kinds of meetings, strictly implement the check-in system, and improve the books to facilitate management at a glance.All departments should do hand hygiene, treatment of medical waste, disinfection and isolation work strictly in accordance with regulations;Supervision and self-examination of training content should be carried out at the institute and department levels in accordance with standards to improve the prevention and control response capacity;The hospital will regularly assess all the training content to promote the training content into the mind.Hospital will focus on training evaluation and supervising the problems found, further refined, optimization of infection prevention and control related processes and measures, strengthening “everyone is infection control practitioner” consciousness, and do all the responsibility, all responsible, the full implementation of each infection prevention and control measures and requirements, build a hospital safety protective barrier, maximum limit to reduce hospital infection occurred.The training focuses on key points and focuses on effectiveness. Through this training, the responsibilities and implementation of sensory control work of all departments of the hospital and all links of medical work, the responsibilities and specific practices of the full-time departments of sensory control, and the work content of full-time and part-time staff of sensory control were systematically trained.It plays a positive role in enhancing the sense of responsibility of all staff in medical institutions and standardizing the work behaviors of sense control.