The old man went out to pay New Year’s call and was trapped in the elevator

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Qiru network · Lightning news February 2, February 1, the first day of the Chinese New Year at 5:59 in the morning, Zhanhua district, Binzhou city fire rescue brigade command center received a report that the rich country street in a residential elevator trapped, in need of rescue.After receiving the police, the command center immediately organized rescue forces to rush to the scene.June 18 points, when the fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, after the exploration, the men about two 60 years old man, want to happy New Year from the first floor elevator to the tenth floor, rise in the process, the old man suddenly hear a “click” sound the elevator stopped on the second floor, the door can’t open, because during the Spring Festival, residential elevator maintenance personnel can’t immediately rushed to the scene,The trapped old man had to dial 119 for help.At this time, the property management personnel also immediately arrived at the scene, in the premise of confirming that there is no other fault of the elevator, the property management personnel quickly use the elevator emergency key to open the elevator door.But the elevator door due to failure still can not open, in order to try not to cause damage to the elevator, fire rescue personnel after careful observation of the elevator door, decided to push the elevator door to both sides of the hand, after several attempts, the inner door was successfully opened, two old people were successfully rescued.The fire and rescue department reminds the general public, when the elevator in the operation process of sudden power failure, do not panic, keep calm, at the fastest speed, through the intercom system in the elevator to contact the elevator rescue center, the machine room, or directly dial 119 alarm, waiting for professional rescue.Flash news reporter Chen Shuai correspondent Rui Yan Binzhou report