What if a newborn lamb goes limp?

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For sheep farmers, after months of hard work to get ewes to produce new lambs, symptoms like paralysis often occur.Under normal circumstances, friends who have raised sheep know that the lamb is temporarily unstable when it is just born, but after it eats breast milk, it will not be long before it can stand on its own to eat goat’s milk.And if the newborn lamb has been in a limp state for a long time, then this is the manifestation of the disease, and is the “fetus” with the disease, let’s see.1. Clinical Symptoms The lamb was in a lethargic state with weak breathing and closed eyes.The neck is tilted back, the body feels cold, the lips cannot open, and the body is too weak to stand. In a short time, it will die from heart attack.This disease is caused by malnutrition and emaciation in ewes, which affects fetal development.The incidence of the disease is greatest in newborn or premature lambs of old or weak ewes.The more direct reason is that the keepers did not take delivery in time, and the newborn lambs were cold and hungry in the damp and cold environment.Prevention: the feeding and management of pregnant ewes should be strengthened. The nutrition of ewes at this stage should be sufficient and a variety of feeds should be mixed and fed.For ewe in labor, warm and comfortable waiting room should be prepared in advance. Lambing outside should be forbidden in cold winter and spring, and lambing should be done in time.Treatment: In my years of sheep breeding experience, newborn limp lambs like this are very difficult to save and most will die.If the symptoms of the lamb are mild, you can put the lamb on the warm kang and cover it with a quilt to keep warm. However, the warm kang should not be too hot or roasted over a fire. The temperature should be gradually increased and the lamb must breathe smoothly.If the lamb is able to recover, it should be given colostrum at once.Another method is to bathe lambs in warm water for about 20 minutes. Some lambs with mild symptoms will recover.When a lamb comes out of its mother’s womb, it shows signs of paralysis and has a low chance of survival.Encounter mild disease, the above method can be used to try to revive it, as to whether it can be saved, this who also cannot determine.(Material from the network, for reference only, delete)