When the man heard the exclusive mobile phone ring immediately ran out, net friend: there is no back to the information

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Have you ever had a difficult time in your life, when you tried to make a phone call or send a text message to find your significant other, only to find yourself trying to reach the person whose phone number could be reached, but no one answered.Your messages don’t come back. You wait and wait and the other person still doesn’t return your call or message.The more you wait, the colder your heart gets. You’re angry and anxious, but there’s nothing you can do about it.In fact, it’s not that the other person is too busy to answer your calls, nor is he too busy to return your messages. He just doesn’t want to return your calls and messages.A person, if he really loves and cares about you, he will not let you worry at all, he will not let you face everything alone, he cares about you, he will accompany you through the difficulties.A man was in the middle of washing his hair when his cell phone rang on the coffee table in the living room. As soon as he heard the familiar ring, he ran out of the bathroom.With one hand covering his hair, he quickly picked up the mobile phone on the coffee table to reply to his girlfriend’s message, and this coherent operation, it can be seen that he is often doing this, the man and his girlfriend laughed as they chatted.The man’s hair was dripping and his head was covered with foam, but he did not affect his conversation with his girlfriend at all.After the incident, the man said that he and his girlfriend’s feelings have been very good, due to work reasons, they did not often meet, in order not to let the woman worry, plus want to find his girlfriend when he can see the first time girlfriend information and reply to girlfriend information.After thinking over and over, he deliberately selected a ringtone as his girlfriend’s exclusive mobile phone ringtone, so as long as his mobile phone ringtone, he knows who is looking for him, and his girlfriend is very satisfied with this approach.Also be because of such, the feeling of he and cummer is better and better, also won’t because work is busy at ordinary times at the same time and ignored cummer’s feeling.PS xiaoguai point of view: after seeing this video, netizens fried pot, everyone has published their own views.One netizen said: “I feel a little sad when I see this scene. There is no message that I cannot return.”After seeing this netizen said this sentence, I am very sad, because I have met their own something, but how can not contact their other half, the kind of anxious and helpless can not use language to describe.Indeed, as some netizens said, it is not that the other party has no time to answer the phone or return messages, but that the other party does not care about you at all, so when you are looking for him all over the world, he does not take you seriously.It’s because they don’t care that they ignore your feelings.Because it is not love, or is not enough to love you, so the other side will let you disappointed, injured again and again, to the back of the heart dead.No matter husband and wife, or male and female friends, since they have chosen to be together, they should be responsible for each other and give each other a sense of security.Busy time do not say, when they have leisure time, should take the initiative to contact each other.When you are not available to answer the phone, when you are free, you should call the other party back, rather than make the other party anxious. This is the most basic person.The so-called Rome was not built in a day is this truth, if you ignore the feelings of the other party for a long time, let the other party have something to find you again and again, and you are indifferent, then the final outcome can be imagined, will eventually end up breaking up.Don’t love can let go early, rather than using cold violence to deal with each other, this is very immoral.Article/Huang Xiaoguai original is not easy, such as found plagiarism/wash draft, will investigate!