Prosperity!Quanzhou passed the national health city review

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Prosperity!On February 8th national WeiJianWei website, issued the national NPHCC for review the results of the 2021 national health town bulletin fujian 5 city identified as “national health city” again 2 township (town) again identified as “national health township (town)” in 2021 that the national health city (area) list (fujian), fuzhou, xiamen, sanming, quanzhouCity, Longhai city in 2021 to reconfirm the national Health township (county) list (Quanzhou) Yongchun County, Chongwu Town details are as follows:In accordance with the evaluation and management measures and standards for national health towns, the National Health Care Office organized experts to review the national health cities (regions) that will enter the review process in 2021, and spot check the review results of national health towns (counties) reported by various localities.Review and spot check result shows that the country attaches great importance to the health town create work, after has won the honorary title of national health town, continue to promote health create work thorough development in an all-round way, improve the urban health long-term management mechanism, efforts to solve the outstanding problems that affect people’s health, strengthen urban community health comprehensive treatment, and consolidating and developing national health town to create results,It has played a typical exemplary role.In particular, since the outbreak of COVID-19, China has continued to deepen the patriotic health campaign, laying a solid environmental foundation and creating a good social atmosphere for epidemic prevention and control.After having obtained the title of honor, but individual cities in consolidated ascension create results of hygiene work seriously insufficient, work decline, especially some of the old town, back streets, villages and urban-rural fringe, food safety “four”, “three small” industry and public sector, etc of the weak infrastructure and daily hygiene supervision does not reach the designated position, the masses reflect more strongly,There is a certain gap between the overall hygienic level and the national hygienic city standard.First, 270 cities (districts) including Fangshan District of Beijing have been reconfirmed as National health cities (districts), and 234 towns (counties) including Wangzuo Town of Fengtai District of Beijing have been reconfirmed as National health towns (counties).The list is attached.Second, the Beijing tongzhou district, Beijing huairou district, qingpu, Shanghai xuhui district in Shanghai, jiading district, Shanghai, lianyungang city, jiangsu province, lishui city, zhejiang province, zhoushan city, zhejiang province, henan zhumadian dadukou district, chongqing and other 10 cities (districts) and Beijing, Inner Mongolia autonomous region, zhejiang province and yunnan province NPHCC,In consolidating the work of the national health city, remarkable achievements in the review, commended.Three, heilongjiang province, yichun, jinshan district, Shanghai, xiangyang city, hubei province, in hangzhong, henan jiyuan city, henan province yongcheng city, tianjin, xichang of sichuan province, hunan province, aksu city in xinjiang uygur autonomous region and other nine cities (districts), decline in consolidating the national health city, criticism.Annex: 1. Reconfirm the list of National Healthy Cities (Regions) in 2021 2. Reconfirm the list of National Healthy Towns (Counties) in 2021