Beijing Hafu H6 welcome to inquire, price 0.6 thousand yuan

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What to do with the endless projects in the company, the congestion at the subway entrance every day, and no personal space?I’m gonna get the Harvard H6. I’m gonna get the Harvard H6. I’m gonna get the Harvard H6.Important things say three times!Recently, Beijing Union store Haffer H6 sales, color optional, the current purchase of some models of the maximum discount 6.07%, the activity time from now to February 1st, interested friends can go to the shop consultation purchase, shop address:Beijing Chaoyang District Dougezhuang town East Fifth Ring South Road Xingda Automobile Plaza promotion time from February 01, 2022 to February 01, 2022 Haffer H6 latest quotation model manufacturer’s guide price/subsidy price discount range Beijing quotation third generation 1.5GDITAutomatic Max version 128,900 yuan, 122,900 yuan, third generation 1.5GDIT Automatic Plus version 115,900 yuan, 0.600 yuan, 109,900 yuan, third generation 1.5GDIT automatic Pro version 122,900 yuan, 0.600 yuan, 116,900 yuan, third generation 2.0TAutomatic four-wheel drive Max version 146,900 yuan 0.600 yuan 140,900 yuan the third generation 2.0T automatic two-wheel drive Max version 136,900 yuan 0.600 yuan 130,900 yuan national tidal edition 1.5T automatic urban edition 98,900 yuan 0.600 yuan 92,900 yuan National tidal edition 1.5TAutomatic champion edition 108,900 yuan 102,900 yuan 15GDIT Automatic champion edition 113,900 yuan 107,900 yuan 15GDIT automatic deluxe edition 121,900 yuan 160,600 yuan 115,900 yuan 15GDitAutomatic super luxury version 128,900 yuan, 122,900 yuan, 2.0GDIT Automatic champion version 121,900 yuan, 115,900 yuan, 2.0GDIT Automatic GT version 128,900 yuan, 600 yuan, 122,900 yuan, the third generation 1.5GDITThe third generation 2.0T Automatic Four-wheel Drive Supreme+ Edition is 157,000rmb 156,900RMB