People’s Talk: This achievement makes the Chinese people proud

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March 11, Beijing winter Paralympic Games on the field blowing Chinese whirlwind.The Chinese athletes swept the day with four gold, five silver and six bronze MEDALS in 13 events.So far, China continues to lead the medal table with 58 MEDALS, 18 gold, 18 silver and 22 bronze.They won 15 jin Rongrong, which is the spirit and spirit of Chinese disabled athletes.Their strong and optimistic attitude makes the world see the bloom of life, and inspires us and inspires us.”If anyone can do it, SO can I!”As the flag bearer of the Chinese delegation at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, Guo Yujie has a high talent in sports despite her left hand congenital disability.In the face of professional skiing training, even if the legs are weak, strong Guo Yujie has never given up, heavy fall, stand up, and then heavy fall, stand up again…Guo Yujie won China’s second gold medal of the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games by winning the women’s biathlon 6km (standing group) on the opening day of the games.”The wind was whistling in my ears and I was riding through the snow.I hope this gold medal will inspire more disabled people.”After all the difficulties and setbacks, this moment was worth it.”Ji Lijia, a 19-year-old from Hebei province, lost his left forearm in a childhood accident.Athletic talent since childhood, he fell in love with the sport the first time on snow.Skiing gave him confidence and joy.Even if the helmet and snow mirror were thrown out, the whole person was thrown, but also feel no pain.For more than six years, he trained in Heilongjiang province and Shanghai and hardly went back home. He felt that winning honor for his country was the best life.Ji Lijia and his teammates Wang Pengyao, Zhu Yonggang, Zhang Yiqi not only achieved a breakthrough in the medal “zero”, but also let three five-star red flag at the same time in the Winter Paralympic games.”It’s easier to face difficulties than regrets!”Although he looks the same as a healthy person, zhu Daqing has been unable to see the blackboard clearly since kindergarten due to congenital visual impairment.As an athlete for the disabled, Zhu Daqing participated in various events for the disabled and won the gold medal of 100m T12 in Guangzhou IN 2010 and the bronze medal of 200m T12 in London paralympics in 2012.Because of his track and field foundation, Zhu Daqing entered the disabled alpine skiing national team.The pain in training and the strangeness of the project could not stop her yearning and pursuit of speed.”Simplify all difficulties, I can wade through any swamp!”On the opening day of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, Zhu Daqing took the competition as training and focused on the process to win a silver medal in women’s downhill skiing (visually impaired group), making up for his absence from the 2008 Paralympics.”To win honor for our country, to make the national flag at the top.” — Liu Mengtao “we need to break through the limits of human” – Cai Jiayun “to let more people know, as long as you work hard, there will be a harvest” – Zhang Mengqiu “if I can, you can also” — 闫卓 “all sorts of setbacks and temper, has produced now I” – Liu Zixu “although can’t see the world,But I want the world to see me “– Wang Yue…Every voice of the disabled athletes makes people tear their eyes and touch their hearts.They use hard work to bring moving, with strong writing life, with optimism to infect others.Every time on the court is a breakthrough, every player is strong.The games of the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games are not over yet, but China’s disabled athletes have made enough achievements to make the Chinese people proud.This achievement is a true portrayal of the gradual vigorous development of sports for the disabled in China: Since China participated in the Paralympic Winter Games, the largest delegation, the largest number of athletes, the most complete events, the best results.This achievement shows the attitude of countless disabled athletes to strive for self-improvement, the firm concept of indomitable struggle, and the confidence and courage to break through themselves.The Beijing Winter Paralympics will soon come to an end. We are moved by the spirit of disabled athletes to challenge their limits and strive hard. We will also treat disabled people with equality, respect and care from the heart.In the future, disabled and healthy hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder!Source: People’s Daily Online editor Li Beiduo editor Min Jie Zhang Ting