“Spring Walking grassroots” guard border checkpoints “open all hours” patrol border for Spring Festival

2022-05-11 0 By

Along the south-western border, a group of tibetan-clad immigration police officers have given up time with their families to stick to their posts.With stick to illuminate the border line, with loyalty to protect the lights of thousands of families.In the card yard sub-station duty point, sub-station duty civilian auxiliary police braved the cold, not afraid of difficulties and obstacles, due diligence, always stick to the post, carefully carry out patrol, vehicle inspection.Located in Caoba Village, Kachang Town, the muga Yang duty station has the highest altitude of more than 2,600 meters, bordering Myanmar. It is sultry and humid all the year round, prone to mountain floods and infested with snakes, insects, rats and ants. The auxiliary police stationed here for a long time face various tests.Nevertheless, they did not flinch.We will strictly implement the inspection system for passing personnel and vehicles, and conduct no fewer than three on-the-spot patrols every day to ensure border security and ensure continued security and stability along the border.”Only wish spring flowers and epidemic elimination, peace and security banners waving.”At 12 o ‘clock in the night, police Yang Lubo and auxiliary police Yue Shangkun on patrol, the sound of firecrackers and fireworks broke the silence of the sky, watching a cluster of colorful fireworks straight into the sky and then the moment blooming.On the 31.08 km long border line in Mangshi Zhongshan Township, the immigration management police and the staff at the border control card point are still fighting at the border line, sticking to their posts with practical actions, giving up their small homes to protect the common “home” for everyone.On the second day of the New Year, at the end of the Nujiang River in China, there were already immigration police and border guards.They shuttling between forests or mountains, climbing on the cliffs, with steps measurement border, to the family reunion in the thoughts and visions into motivation, from pavilion pupil to evening Xun, carry out of the border patrol TaZha task, with practical action to epidemic prevention and control and border controls contribute to garrison department power, explaining the infinite loyal to the motherland and the people.Bearing in mind the belief that “a family is not a family”, everyone on the duty card has given up the opportunity to spend time with their families. Instead, they stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, weaving a “big net” of border security with practical actions.While the lights of the reunion of thousands of people illuminate the sky, there is also a dazzling light along the border line, imbuing it with the true feelings and responsibilities of each and every one of us on the border. It is like an iron wall protecting the border.They are carrying out their responsibilities and missions on ordinary posts, holding up the warm, happy, safe and happy Spring Festival for tens of millions of people.(Written by WanDing Border Control Station)