Yantai Nanshan College responded to the “mandatory card” : individual staff did not explain in place to cause misunderstanding

2022-05-11 0 By

Yantai Nanshan University (NANYan) on Wednesday issued a statement on the issue of “compulsory card application”, which was reported online. The full text of the statement is as follows:The national 5A-level Nanshan Scenic Spot is one of the aesthetic education practice bases of our school. The annual pass of the scenic spot is RMB 200 per person (no limit on times of use throughout the year), and the discount is RMB 30 per person for students of our school. Students apply for it on a voluntary basis.Due to some staff members’ inadequate policy explanation during the implementation process, some students have misunderstood the activity. Currently, this activity has been stopped, and students who do not want to participate in this activity will be refunded.Yantai Nanshan University on March 16, 2022