Yu Zhen’s wife Xinyue: I am happy to be married to my second husband. I am a happy mother of three children

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Life is like a train full of passengers slowly to the end, some people leave will be some people, some people will eventually only be this short life traveler.Once fell in love because of play feeling in the earthquake, Fang Bai Ni, sweet love once envy evil spirit others.However, their married life was not satisfactory.In life, both parties are very strong, facing problems each other, lack of communication and understanding of the love eventually devastated, hastily ended.The failed marriage led Yu to say: “I will never find another insider.”Until he met Xinyue, he reneged.It is said that a person’s acting again good, will involuntarily laugh, that is suddenly read the moment of the sweetheart.Therefore, yu Zhen, a skilled actor, can hardly hide a smile when he thinks of Xinyue.What happened to them after years of love?One hot summer day more than a decade ago, yu Zhen, fresh from a failed marriage, met a gentle and demure girl at the People’s Art Theater in Beijing.Little did he know that this would be his future most cherished love.They were rehearsing the play Camel Xiangzi, with Yu Zhen playing the leading role and Xin Yue playing the supporting role. Although they were colleagues, they had never met.At that time, Yu zhen was at the peak of his career, starring in such hit TV dramas as “Heroes of Lu Liang”, “Band of Chinese Brothers” and “War After The War”.But in the theater, he’s not only humble, he’s always the first to get ready, and he’s never late, which is impressive.In a rehearsal, careful in zhen found that the same group of actresses xinyue began to faint around ten o ‘clock in the morning, energy is not, so they came forward to ask the reason, the original xinyue because of long-term do not eat breakfast.How can you resist high-intensity rehearsals without breakfast? Since then, Yu Zhen brings Xinyue a hot breakfast every morning and urges her to eat it.Afraid that Xinyue will be tired of eating, Yu Zhen will send a different breakfast every few days to meet xinyue’s appetite.After a period of time, Xin Yue felt even more guilty, so he found Yu Zhen, politely refused to take breakfast every day of the kindness of Yu Zhen.Yu Zhen motioned that she did not mind, still insist on bringing her breakfast every day.At that time, Yu Zhen did not mention “love”, but told Xinyue his heart with action, 53 breakfast is his full of love.So in the earthquake about the xin month out to meet, two people first date location in the earthquake selected in the theater next to the sanlian bookstore.Keen on reading, he bought several books and sat in the cafe reading and chatting with Xinyue. Xinyue knew Yu Zhen’s mind at that moment.But, whether should open this paragraph of new amour, yu Zhen is contradictory, what he likes to xin Yue is increasing day by day, but whether he that just ended a paragraph of failure can be accepted by the xin Yue of small oneself 13 years old?He wasn’t sure.In order to give himself an answer, he decides to invite Xinyue to the theater to watch a play. It is Xinyue’s favorite play, Wangfujing.After the performance two people walk together on the road, the xin Yue in the dim light of night is more eyebrows like water, pure and fresh and moving, hope to her that moment in the shock of courage confession, Xin Yue smile smile, accept this one hot love.During the more than 50 days from rehearsal to performance, Yu Zhen kept giving Xinyue a hot breakfast every day. The heat warmed Xinyue’s stomach and kept her heart warm.She had been moved by yu Zhen, who was talented and caring.The two immediately fell in love.L 02 In a sense, everything in the world is a chance encounter.Like, cold see warm, there is rain;Spring meets winter, there are years;Heaven and earth have eternity;Man meets man, and there is life.In the process of getting along with Xin Yue, Yu Zhen lets xin Yue feel him very sincere.He is also modest and polite to his elders. Most importantly, Yu Zhen is a very filial person, which makes Xinyue appreciate it very much.Therefore, Xinyue thinks that Yu Zhen is the one she wants to find in her life, and soon tells her parents about their love affair.Yu Zhen becomes worried that what happened in the past will affect xinyue’s parents’ opinion of him, but Xinyue consoles him that he is someone worthy of trust and she prefers to believe what she sees.Touched more than, Yu Zhen opened scars, will go up the failure of a paragraph of marriage said to xin Yue listen to.Born in Beijing in 1975, Yu Zhen has been passionate about acting since childhood, so he applied for the acting department of the Central Academy of Drama to shine in the acting industry.With his chiseled physique and superb acting skills, he soon took on the roles of many spy heroes.Yu Zhen fell in love at first sight with his co-star Fang Baini in 2009 while filming the TV drama The Wire.At that time they naively thought that this is love, in the case of not getting along with long quickly got the marriage certificate, life together.But two people with different personalities in life friction each other constantly, marriage teetering, the next year early spring, two people again broke out a fierce quarrel.Yu Zhen former wife Fang Bai Ni accompanies fang Bai Ni aggressive threatening words, pick up wooden stool to hit wall under zhen impulse, fly unexpectedly however the wooden stool to metope can bounce back, abrades the ankle of Fang Bai Ni.The heartbroken Fang shared her grievance on her micro blog and posted photos of her ankle injury.After the network also accused Yu Zhen, and fabricated facts accused Yu Zhen.Public opinion rapidly fermenting, a time, Yu Zhen was thrust into the center of the storm, unknown netizens and media to Yu Zhen labeled “domestic violence man”.Yu Zhen issued a quick response to the network news to prove his innocence.Their marriage ended after a brief seven-month marriage.In the earthquake will finally tell xinyue clearly the ins and outs of things, after listening to his experience, Xinyue more distressed in the earthquake, it is difficult for her to imagine that period of public opinion and emotion to bring how much pain in the earthquake.After this long talk, both of them are more firm in their choice and more attached to each other.Therefore, xin Yue will soon take Yu Zhen home to visit her parents.”I don’t know how famous he is. But my parents’ generation have all watched him and loved him,” She said during an appearance on a variety show.Xin Yue’s father will also be in zhen’s golden words: “art, everyone is a teacher, everywhere is a classroom.”To Xinyue, said she might use it in the future.Although so, but go to the xin month home to see parents at the shock heart or particularly nervous.”When I met my parents, I asked him to wear a leather coat with a hoodie,” Xin recalled with a smile. “I dragged my hoodie all the time during dinner. I was too nervous to have dinner that night.”See in shock naive and charmable appearance, the parents of xin Yue unexpectedly do not mind in shock past, they believe in shock is able to bring happiness to his daughter.On the other side, Yu Zhen’s mother is also very fond of the gentle and demure Xin Yue, and Xin Yue is very careful in dealing with the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law.Not only take care of the mother-in-law’s psychological understanding of her husband’s filial piety, but also make yourself comfortable, let the shock straight kua its sensible, let him rest assured.So the two families hit it off and put the wedding on the agenda.Yu Zhen, 37, and Xin Yue, 24, walked down the aisle in 2012 with the blessing of family and friends.Before long xin Month conceived yu Zhen’s child, but right now she is very tangled.After entering Beijing Artistry, she plunged into her acting career. As her acting experience increased and the stage honed her, her acting skills matured.Only 24 years old she is the most beautiful age, she is not willing to give up their career so easily, they look for Yu Zhen to discuss.But yu Zhen is very eager to have his child however, when discover xin Yue hesitates somewhat he tries his best to persuade, soft and tough, let xin Yue temporarily put down the job, give birth to this child.Together with the mother-in-law is also very glad to be pregnant to her this thing, deeply affected xin Month is determined to give birth to this child finally.L 03 When Xin Yue was pregnant, yu Zhen’s family took her in their hands and took care of her for fear that she would be wronged.In the production of Yu Zhen is to put down all work into the delivery room to accompany xinyue side, let her hold their hands don’t be afraid.Looking at the huge pain to endure the xin Month, serious and tall in the earthquake unexpectedly also distressed to cry.This thought can return to the stage at the end of postpartum recovery xinyue, found herself pregnant again, she became difficult, she is eager to return to the spotlight, in order to marry yu Zhen, she sacrificed too much.Before marriage and yu Zhen agreed to three chapters do not play movies and TV plays, concentrate on playing drama, but now even drama can not play, her heart feels very sad.Yu Zhen was very happy to learn that his wife was pregnant, so he painted a beautiful picture for her, that is, two people holding a child walking on the road together, so he urged his wife to give birth to a child so that their eldest son can have a companion.Xin Yue fell into the sweet picture again, gave birth to two children.But this time, xinyue postpartum is not easy, every day to take care of the children and family, busy, farther and farther from the dream, finally could not help but to Yu Zhen advice.In zhen heart also clear xin Yue has a dream of an actor all the time, she is yearning for the stage, then to pacify xin Yue’s mood, prepared a surprise to her.Yu zhen, then the chief director and star of the spy drama Mission Impossible, invited his wife, Xin Yue, to play the role of an underground Communist party member.Bid farewell to the stage for a long time xinyue was invited to be very happy, but the child is no one to take care of, but under xinyue children also brought to the cast.Such a move makes Yu Zhen very at ease, he used to think that life in the cast is very difficult, but now become happy.But such xin Yue is very hard, both to film and take care of Yu Zhen and children, but she still completed this seemingly “impossible task.”Yu Zhen is very clear about xinyue’s love for him, and also very clear about how much he wants to accompany xinyue and accompany their children to grow up.As a result, he cut back on the frequency of his work in order to devote time to his family.”He loves to play coquette with me and is often jealous of my son. He thinks I pay more attention to him than to him,” Xin said.Yu replied with a smile, “I was busy and often didn’t go home. It was a luxury to go home for a day, but she ignored me for a whole day.”The audience laughed as the two exchanged childish insults.The two people on the show are very romantic in private.Occasionally they would sneak out of the house together, go to the movies, or rehearse a play at the theater, just the two of them.”There are always traffic jams in Beijing, but I’m grateful for the traffic jams, which give us a chance to talk a lot in the car,” yu said.This allows them to have more communication and become more understanding of each other.However, even when two people understand and tolerate each other, they still have different perspectives due to their respective personalities.Fortunately, they are not stubborn, but very willing to listen to each other’s opinions, and also very tacit understanding.”We often see eye to eye,” yu says. “It’s hard for her to object to anything and I insist on doing it.”But they also ran into the inevitable problem in a relationship, which is checking each other’s phones.The yu Zhen of lack of sense of security loves the mobile phone of xin Yue very much when be in love initially, but never suffer xin Yue’s objection, because this he also is very willing to let xin Yue check his mobile phone.Over time they became so trusting of each other that they never wanted to check each other’s phones.Because of this trust, Xin Yue was able to turn on yu Zhen’s phone and handle his wechat messages when he was away.But as a well-known actor yu Zhen will inevitably contact with many women, which makes Xin Yue very concerned, but she will always use her own way to remind Yu Zhen, Yu Zhen can quickly understand the meaning of his wife, never cross the line.The two men were full of trust and respect for each other.Then in the day that is full of love and trust so, yu Zhen and xin Yue ushered in their third child, it is a daughter, which makes Yu Zhen very excited.In order to give her a lofty father image he refused a lot of violence, bloody drama, also become very homesick.At home, he spent a lot of time with his children. He would lie on the floor and let them sit on his back and play “horse riding”.Yu Zhen enjoys the happy atmosphere at home.In the past, Yu Zhen could not say the word “love”. Under the influence of happiness, Yu Zhen would often say “I love you” to Xinyue at home.Over time, the son learned to respond at the end of every call, saying “I love you too” before his father could.A very sweet couple makes it very rare for a child to grow up in a loving environment.Yu zhen is still active in the entertainment industry, recently playing the villain “Luo Shibin” in the hit TV series “The World”.Due to the lifelike performance, many netizens have left a message with emotion in its and another role – “Zheng Juan”, rob children too scary.And Xin Yue also shines on the stage of her own theater, showing pictures from the theater with a happy smile on her face.Ten years of marriage hand in hand through the ups and downs, they are still in love as before, just like the poem “evil” in the written so “mountain no ling, river for the exhaustion, winter thunder shock, summer rain snow, heaven and earth, is the absolute dare and jun”.Yu Zhen and Xin Yue also let us witness the best state of marriage. Both sides play different roles in this happy family. I can understand your hard work, and you can understand mine.Yu Zhen’s heart is full of Xinyue, and xinyue’s eyes are full of children, just like you are the heaven of my child and me, and my child is your final home.Although Yu Zhen can be a bit of a male chauvinist in life, Xin Yue is willing to accommodate and understand his shortcomings, although to some extent Yu Zhen has robbed Xin Yue of her career.But in his heart of hearts he is still very understand the xin month of their own pay and not easy, two people are working hard together in the marriage, grow up together.Life is a long journey, and marriage is the longest practice in the journey. It is better to be tolerant, understand and love you if you care too much about gain and loss and gain.Finally, I wish Yu Zhen and Xin Yue can always work together to write their happy chapter.