Zhou Libo appeared in the show, fat

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Recently, some netizens have photographed the host Zhou Libo to attend a company to participate in the activities of the return to pay a gold video, he did not appear for a long time, looked a little fat from afar.In the video, Zhou libo as a guest performance of Shanghai culture Shanghai Qingkou.Founded by Guan Dongtian and Shanghai comedian Zhou Libo, Shanghai Style Qingkou developed from the local stand-up comedy and Hong Kong’s Dongduxiao.Qingkou is a person performing on the stage, but it is all about social hot spots, focus, coupled with their own interpretation of the actor, to convey a happy way of life.During his speech, Zhou not only made fun of himself for not being onstage for a long time, but also interacted with the audience in Shanghainese.I have not been on stage for four years. What language do you want me to speak in?Shanghainese or Mandarin?Obviously under the stage are Shanghai people, the expression of the same voice: “with Shanghai words” Zhou Libo smiled, I understand quite many languages!One thirty-five Shanghai dialect, two four Mandarin!Speak English on Saturday and Sunday!The audience laughed along!In 2017, zhou libo’s career suffered a setback because of well-known reasons, and then he turned against his friend Tang Shuang and went to court.Although zhou finally won the lawsuit, but also embarrassed.It was a lose-lose situation.After the program was banned, although he lost his performance and income, he married a rich wife, so of course he did not lack money. Besides cooking food at home or traveling abroad, he lived a comfortable life.It is reported.FS also has a term, some FS term is 1 year, 3 years, 5 years, some is permanent.A “bad performer” can apply for a comeback upon expiration.After five years, zhou Libo’s FS has expired.However, there are also physiognosy master analysis: Zhou Libo, face big nose small, mountain root collapse, nose bridge bare, career, marriage and health in the middle of the year have limitations and crisis outbreak.So Zhou Libo this comeback, can stage a comeback!Will people still support him?