Happy Beijing Winter Olympics

2022-05-12 0 By

Zhao Zhuowen (General manager of Guangzhou Tongchuang Excellence Real Estate Investment Consulting Co., LTD.) The coldest spring in nearly 10 years.Staying home and watching the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics has been a regular routine for the past two weeks.1. During the 14-day competition, Chinese players performed very well and won many gold MEDALS.The Chinese are very happy.In the schedule, the organizing committee is no doubt to make careful preparation.The day after the opening ceremony, the short track speed skating team won their first gold medal.Then, is gu Ailing two gold and one silver, brought the climax.Finally, pairs skating completed the ninth gold medal, a successful end.The whole Chinese team competition, like a series.Out of 14 days, he saw Kim for 9 days.Schedule planning and arrangement, really under some effort, very wonderful.At the Beijing Winter Olympics, the most impressive athlete, in addition to Gu Ailing, was K Bao.A talented 15-year-old girl, caught up in a drug scandal, who lost a gold medal she was sure to win.Oops.Russia’s “three children”, “inner volume” serious, and are the victims of interests, more emotional.3, The winter Olympic Games events, give a person the deepest feeling, is: are high-cost projects.Not to mention snowmobile and sleigh, gu Ailing’s three sports are absolutely impossible without funds.No wonder many ice and snow farms, in their early years, were targeted at high-end people.China has demonstrated its strong cultural confidence in the Winter Olympics.From the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, Chinese elements abound.We no longer have to deliberately show the world anything, just tell our own story.All good things come to an end.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are over.Look forward to the next episode.