I want to write a long lane poem (poem) Beijing Zhang Xingui

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I want to write a long lane poem (poem) BeijingZhang Xingui (a) I want to write a long poem theme reaction made background alley to alley do I thought I walk many alley is the somebody else not to the field of the village to castle peak (2) a lot of tourist attractions in the image of the intact because there is a long lane in bringing the guests appreciate the town there are a lot of very long alley in view of the mountains are high road far there is no one knows (3) I went to the southMany alley keep up with the travel team looked at day listening to the interpretation of the scene according to facies have feelings have ideas and inspiration of creation to see a sweat and then mixed and disorderly also have no clue on TV (4) Beijing siheyuan sometimes give a lane pictures attractive to attract eyes dream quirks to Beijing to see me and Beijing had the fate from here for a place to have a home there will be a machineWill place Beijing alley often walk qianmen street, go visit (5) the headline long lane at the end of a beautiful place long lane walk not not the river leisurely alley alley set would definitely put my lost can’t find the way home (6) to the front door attached to the alley lane street street and lane if it is not attached to navigation lane for a long walk in the wrong direction Beijing everywhere is a bustling market opportunitiesWho would have thought has such places (7) whenever spare time I go to qianmen dashilan wear lane hutong from enjoying the old gate house and yard meet a pedal tricycle to the history of the guests also speak Beijing alley don’t see is the pedal tricycle is bursting with knowledge and talent (eight) into the alley, a professor of calligraphy has framed picture of ace is ancestral stunt not lane alsoA luxury hotel coffee shop a lot of the teahouse non-material cultural center (9) lane at the four seasons have romantic emotional appeal that the rainy season go into the characters in the book describes the scene to see pictures you enjoying the rain in your shadow has been passing people admire very poetic (10) the season of winter snowflake swirl alley more picture pull your horizons longer fantastic position of snowFlowers are like words that are moved and arranged on the table