In the special period, do not hoard blindly, to remember “3 hoard 2 do not hoard”, life is guaranteed

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Recently, many places have been forced to close down again due to special circumstances. It is already the third special spring, and many people have formed the habit of being insensitive.As the saying goes: there is food at home, the heart does not panic, satiated is difficult truth.Stockpiling is a must, but we should be careful not to buy in disorder when we buy.Food has a short shelf life and can be wasted if bought.Today I put my three years of collection of grain experience out, please remember “3 hoard 2 do not hoard”, life is secure, do not waste, will be helpful to you.Three hoard 1, rice, white flour, cereals, pasta rice flour cereals these staple foods as long as ready, a week does not go out is no problem.They can help us provide the carbohydrate energy our bodies need and the basic security of life.Pay attention to the purchase of vacuum packaging, to prevent moisture, shelf life is also long.Keep this food in a cool, ventilated place to avoid exposure when you get home.Whole grains are also popular with modern people.It is nutritious and delicious for the body, and we can make all kinds of snack food with it in our spare time.Meat, eggs, milk Eggs and milk can provide us with rich protein.Good meats to stock up on in spring include pork, fish, chicken, beef, shrimp, etc.Whichever you choose, don’t forget to opt for freezing.It’s hard to see freshness in frozen meat.Buy meat, cut it into small pieces, keep it in pieces and help yourself to it.Eggs are easy to keep and high in nutrients, making them perfect for a 100-ingredient steamer.Oil products for an old drink, low price, high nutrition.After getting up in the morning, a cup of milk and an egg, nutritious, delicious breakfast is solved.But instead of buying fresh milk, we buy cartons to keep it longer.Frozen foods For frozen foods, for people who are not good at cooking.It is best to choose frozen dumplings, dumplings, hand cakes and so on.It requires no extra condiments and is easy to process, so it’s just a matter of heating or boiling.It’s necessary.Please remember to store it in the freezer immediately after repurchase.Spring season vegetables are particularly many, leek, wormwood, lettuce, oil and rice vegetables are vegetables containing dietary fiber, vitamin inorganic salt.But vegetables are hard to keep and wilt if you buy them, so you can’t keep them in the fridge.So vegetables are not a good place to hoard, better to eat what you buy.2, fresh fungi fungi vegetables are high in nutrition, amino acid, protein and mineral content is very rich.But fresh fungus vegetables don’t last long.This vegetable likes to be wet and tends to spoil easily, and if left for too long, its fresh flavor will fade and disappear.It’s best to buy fresh fungus vegetables that day.