Raptors hornets offensive battle predicted correctly!27 NBA Spurs vs Grizzlies Morante missed practice

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# Raptors 125-113 Hornets # The Hornets have lost two games in a row without Chris Van Vleet and Hayward, including a 20-point home blowout by Atlanta.”Without Hayward’s experience and ball handling, the Hornets were a mess with a lot of turnovers,” xu said. “The Raptors happen to be a good team on the offensive, so the Hornets couldn’t hold on, and the Hornets couldn’t keep up their 3-point play, so they were easily knocked down by the offensive line and opened up a 10-point deficit.”Yesterday’s article predicted that the Raptors hornets may be the larger score of the offensive battle, correct!Moving on: The Spurs return home for a back-to-back against the Grizzlies tomorrow, Jan. 27 at 9:30 a.m.Grizzlies star Kyle Morante missed practice for personal reasons, but is expected to play tomorrow.He averaged 25.3 points, 6.0 rebounds, 6.9 assists and 1.3 steals in 32.9 minutes per game.Is also one of Xu’s favorite stars, known as the world’s best waist, there is no resistance?The grizzlies is the game for a fourth consecutive away game, mentality, and morale would be affected, and before the Memphis grizzlies 118-105 home victory over the SAN Antonio spurs 13 points, may also exist to underestimation of idea, once you start into the state of slow or desire to win is not high, and by the spurs opened the gap after the end of the end of the grizzlies in the first quarter and the first half on the bench,The Grizzlies bench is very deep and will probably continue to dig pits. The two pits together may be too big to get back.The Spurs scored 134 points in a big win over the Rockets, and eight players scored in double figures in today’s game. It is clear that the overall Spurs team, led by Jasmine, and white’s ball control and defense, the Spurs are physically and forward better than the Grizzlies.Home victory over the SAN Antonio spurs, in general, the Memphis grizzlies, this is the possibility of underestimation, and the spurs win just feel feel is a win, team cooperation tacit understanding, assists hand guard not only one, but the grizzlies need moran to take, others are tools of many properties, I support the spurs direction, not defeat, go spurs!The spurs are at home, losing by 4 or 5 at most, and the spurs have every chance to win because the Grizzlies have several key players sitting out, giving them a chance to play at home.Hawks vs. Kings: Sacramento lost by 50 points and was short of a fox.Can the Hawks win at home when the starters and reserves are all messed up, and the post, guards, and no defense at all?Jazz vs. SUNS: Phoenix led by more than 10 at home two days ago, clarkson made three straight 3-pointers to get to six, phoenix stopped playing, and clarkson got the Best Academy Award.Bulls home against back-to-back raptors, raptors Van Vleet and Barnes two major players do not play, tomorrow can return?There is the latest news, Lao Xu # Xu Chaoqun football commentary # the first time to share, please look forward to the late post here