The cumulative delivery of ZEEKR 001 exceeded 9,500 units in the first 100 days of delivery

2022-05-12 0 By

On February 1, Gekrypton Intelligent Technology announced the latest delivery number of its luxury hunting sedan ZEEKR 001: At the beginning of the New Year, under the background of severe challenges in supply chain and production and delivery due to the impact of the epidemic, 3530 units of ZEEKR 001 were delivered in January 2022.Since the start of delivery, the cumulative delivery volume of ZEEKR 001 has exceeded 9,500 units in only 100 days, continuously creating the fastest delivery record of a high-end intelligent electric brand.This is not only the result of years of preparation and accumulation of Krypton, but also the embodiment of krypton’s systematic strength.Since the brand was launched on April 15, 2021, with industry-leading systematic strength, Gekrypton has started the rapid development in the “third track” of intelligent electric industry, becoming the trend choice of Chinese users in the new era.The profound industrial foundation and global superior resources accumulated by Geely Holding Group have injected “giant power” into Gekrypton, laid the core foundation of systematic strength, and comprehensively enabled Gekrypton to accumulate wealth and develop gradually.Whether it is technology research and development or electric ecological construction, Krypton has carried out a perfect layout around the whole link of intelligent electric travel, and its systematic ability has been continuously consolidated.On the r&d side, in addition to the European innovation center CEVT, Gekrypton can quickly respond to global user needs, and recently set up an intelligent R&D center in Shanghai to further strengthen the layout of intelligent software and hardware full-stack self-research.On the production side, the krypton smart plant with an annual capacity of 300,000 units provides a solid foundation for capacity assurance.Based on the empowerment of “giant power”, pure user thinking is an important guarantee for the continuous deepening of kryptonian systematization ability and driving the rapid development of enterprises.As the first product of the Krypton brand, ZEEKR 001, adhering to the concept of “no boring electric car”, integrates trendy design, excellent space and passage, and extreme handling, as well as luxury intelligent technology and OTA capability, which can achieve continuous evolution.ZEEKR 001 is highly favored by consumers, surpassing the product power expected by users.At the same time, Gekrypt has a comprehensive insight into the pain points of electric travel services, and aims to achieve “product life cycle management and user service coverage in all scenarios”, constantly improving channel and service system construction, building intelligent electric travel ecology, and bringing users more extreme experience.More and more Z customers join in, giving Gekrypton a steady stream of vitality, users put forward suggestions to create, but also promote the continuous evolution of Gekrypton products and services.