Villagers reported the horse lost, but the wind “stole” the horse

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Recently, Gannan County public security chief mountain police station received changshan Xiangyang village uncle Zhu reported to the police that he put the horse when the wind blew “lost” 21 horses, uncle Zhu’s family to raise horses for a living, raising dozens of horses.On the afternoon of 29th, it was a windy day when the horses were released. Dozens of horses were frightened by the wind and began to run in all directions. My grandpa could not control them.Uncle Zhu immediately contacted family members to help find the horse, but two hours later there was still no sign of the horse.Uncle Zhu was worried, after all, it was 21 horses, once lost will bring huge economic losses to the family.Immediately, Uncle Zhu chose to call the police for help and called the Changshan police station.After the police understood the situation, according to uncle Zhu’s feedback on the location of the horses and the direction of the horses, they immediately contacted the nearby village cadres to help find them, and issued a notice to find the whereabouts of the horses in each village auxiliary police work group.Considering the large number of horses and the size of the target, the police pulled surveillance video of the place where the horses might have passed.After six hours of unremitting efforts, the horses were eventually found in a wooded area on the north side of changshan District, and all recovered.Uncle Zhu looked at the recovered horse with tears in his eyes. He shook the policeman’s hand and said sincerely, “Thank you very much!”April 6, Uncle Zhu’s son will be printed with a “solve the difficult practical matter for the people, show the police warm people’s heart” the banner sent to the Changshan police station, to the police to help find the horse again expressed thanks!Source: Editor of Qiqihar Public Security Bureau, first review: Geng Yue Review: Sun Hongshun Supervisor: Dou Huisheng