What is love between the world, straight teach life and death

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What’s the point of living when the one you love the most is gone?There is no answer to this question, technically there is no right answer.”What is love between the world, straight teach life and death.”It’s a familiar saying. Do you know where it came from?Don’t hide from everyone, last year I brokenhearted after once also is looking for death to live, “joy fun, parting bitter, in more have crazy children”, depressed crazy time, parents dare not let me leave their line of sight.Later?Then I came to the headlines [laughing and crying] wrote a lot of poems and words, catharsis and finally recovered, time can heal everything.But I’ve had a glass heart ever since.I’m weird for crying over an old hero movie.Of course not for Chen Daoming that “kill is not kill” logic, but for Maggie Cheung Leung Chiu-wai this pair of people.Zhang and Leung have been the legendary golden couple since in the Mood for Love, but Leung ended up marrying Carina Lau.Years later, liang was interviewed by the media and said that he most liked the time when he was 38 years old.Similarly, when the media interviewed Maggie Cheung, she also said that the most compatible person is Tony Leung chiu-wai.Unfortunately, if carina Lau nude incident exposure, Tony Leung chiu-wai fully shows the responsibility of men, offered to go to Bhutan and Liu married.Maggie Cheung had to go far away.Even though zhang Liang and Zhang Liang have no intersection, when one of them mentions the other in front of the other, the atmosphere will still become very ambiguous, and the protagonist often has nothing to say but “I would like to go back to the past”.Left hand love, right hand marriage in “Hero” two people perform a pair of sword remnant snow swordman love, I which tube that pack the lawless Chen Daoming and Jet Li, the eyes see only Tony Leung chiu-wai and Maggie Cheung, see their emotional drama.Flying snow in order to prevent the remnant sword, quietly stabbed a sword, see the remnant sword slumped to the ground and rushed forward to bandage, a full face of concern.Finally thorn Qin no fruit, remnants sword sword throw away, with regret to the chest to gas mad snow piercing, face is “not you also want to make you guilty for a lifetime” happy expression.After flying snow wake up big regret, holding the dead of the sword sword into his body, the lens pull far, yellow sand wanli wind, two white body tightly stick together, people sigh, Zhang Yimou clear conscience mirror master.I secretly thought that when this scene was shot, Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung must not be the same, how happy they felt holding their loved one, even The Queen of Heaven would enjoy this moment, and leung and Liu were not married at that time, so their future is still ahead.Unfortunately, the film is classified as a bad film in China, which is a far cry from the classic situation abroad.Remnants sword fly snow “shoot diao hero biography” that pair of big diao in mobei, a dead, another can’t bear to live alone, a touch dead on the cliff.I used to think That Pops Kim was making it up.Today saw a word and preface of Yuan Hao-ask, just know not empty.[rose] “touch fish · Yan Qiu words” Yuan Good ask Yichou age to try and state, the way to meet the goose cloud: “today dena goose, kill it.The man who had dropped off the net lamented that he could not go, but threw himself to the ground and died.”To buy because of it, buried fenshui, base stone for knowledge, said “wild goose hill”.Fellow travelers for poetry, to also have “Yan Qiu ci”.In the past, there was no gong shang, but now it is fixed.What is love in the world?Far and wide double fly, old wings back to several cold and summer.Joy and fun, parting bitter, in the more crazy children.You should say: Miamiwanli layer of clouds, thousands of mountains sunset snow, only the shadow to whom?Hengfen road, lonely xiao drum, smoke is still flat chu.Conjure chu some ho jie and, mountain ghost dark cry wind and rain.Day also jealous, not letter with, warbler swallow all loess.Through the ages, to stay for the poets, crazy song drink, visit the wild goose hill.[Rose] Yuan Hao-wen seems that the love deaths of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai are not only unique to human beings, but also exist as sentient animals.Of course, some people will say that the pattern is small, there are other people who love you?Stop, love deeply, misty rain, to die to live how many people?Once a famous person said: treat every day as the last day on earth.If you had only 24 hours to count down, what would you do?With the one you love the most, or what?