2-2, 3 red cards, break 100% failure!Mr. Wu was absent, but that detail is important

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It’s Valentine’s Day in the West, and la Liga has also opened a new round of competition. The match between two teams from Spain’s Barcelona Barcelona and Espanol has become the focus of this round. This heavyweight Catalan Derby can be said to be very eye-catching.In particular, wu Lei, who came from China, scored a last-gasp substitute goal against Barcelona last season. Whether he can perform such a wonderful performance again is what countless Chinese fans are looking forward to.Espanyol were handed a 4-1-4-1 line-up by coach Jose Moreno, but wu lei was not in the starting line-up.Diego Lopez is still the most consistent goalkeeper, and alex Vidal and Selsi Gomez, two of sevilla’s best additions to the defensive line, are regular starters. In addition to Cavrera and Pedrosa, The Spaniards have a good defensive line.In midfield, Cady Barre is playing in a defensive midfield, with puado, Herrera, Dardell and Villenna in front of de Thomas.Barcelona side starting a 4-3-3, Harvey’s root straw, defence of alba, Gerard pique, lowe huo and o DE ‘lead, three in midfield are respectively pendry, busquets, frankie – DE jong, garvey, phelan – torres up front and was, in the face of the Spanish Harvey has not failed, again they travel is expected to continue this record.The spaniards made it 1-0 in the second minute when Alba’s cross from the left went straight into the box and pedrie, who was not seen by the Spaniards’ defenders, fired home.Although espanyol are also a possessor of the ball, they are dwarfed by Barcelona, the true masters of passing.After conceding the first goal, they could only create chances on the counter-attack. In the sixth minute De Thomas had a shot but it went wide.Darder finally made it 1-1 in the 39th minute when he ran the ball straight into the penalty area and scored with a volley.After scoring a stunning world goal, Darder also showed cristiano Ronaldo’s celebration as a way of provoking Barcelona from the air.After entering the second half of the game barca side is the opening goal, the position of the front line of the young garvey directly completed the steal + pick the ball to open the goal, but unfortunately this ball before the goal was fouled was ruled invalid.Then Melamed and Moraneses came on for The Spanish side, but Moraneses only came on for 8 minutes because of injury, and then De Wulei was the first one to comfort him, which is enough to see wu Lei’s status in the Espanyol nede!Perhaps inspired by his team-mates’ exit, de Thomas struck again in the 64th minute when Eric Garcia misjudged his opponent’s long ball and scored to give the Spaniards a 2-1 lead.However, the most dramatic moment of the game came in stoppage time when Melamed and Pique clashed and both sides were shown the second yellow card of the game, while de Moranes was also shown a red card for his offensive comments.To make matters worse, substitute Luc de Jong, who had only been on the pitch for eight minutes, headed a late equaliser.Espanyol coach Luis Moreno was rewarded with an uncomfortable draw, but his 100 per cent defeat record against Barcelona was finally broken.Although Wu Lei did not play this game, but this is due to the team’s situation on the field caused by, we believe that he will usher in the next game.