A man in Liaoning province was inspired to use a balanced car to deliver food to his mother in a gated community

2022-05-13 0 By

Recently, some communities in Liaoning were closed due to the epidemic. A man wanted to send food to his mother in the opposite community, but there was no way.According to understand, the man later with a balanced car solved all these, men put the dishes in balance of the car, use the remote control car balance, see a balanced car drive slowly in the past, 60 meters distance, balance the car firmly finished, so the food is to the mother’s hands, it may be said is very perfect, both to walking, also can give mom sent food,The balance car is really the “hero” during the epidemic.After watching it, many netizens commented, “Balancing car: I never thought I would become a logistics one day.””Are you sure the virus doesn’t ride a balance bike?””There are more ways than difficulties,” another netizen said.Some netizens joked, “I don’t know if I will be ok if I go out to dig wild vegetables every day.”Another commented: “It’s different when something happens.””Smart move,” one netizen commented.Small make up that way is people think, then retreated if you encounter difficulties,, there is no meaning that everything we do, we do many things is to solve the difficulties, the car runs slowly, we invented the airplane, the food is not delicious, we invented the monosodium glutamate, mail letters quickly enough, we invented the E-mail.So be brave, find a way to solve the problem.Conclusion: the way is always more than difficult.