Menghai, Xishuangbanna Menghai: Sugar mills did not stop squeezing sugar cane farmers during the Spring Festival to ensure their income

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Now is the season of sugar cane harvest, in order to protect the happiness of the majority of sugar cane farmers, Menghai County Xishuangbanna Menghai Sugar factory during the Spring Festival protection workers do not stop production, all staff adhere to the production line due diligence.Today’s “Spring Walking grassroots”, let us follow the reporter’s lens, approached this group of brewing sweet career.After the end of spring, sugarcane fields are waiting to be harvested in Menghai County. Sugar cane farmer Xu Yuanli and his family chop sugarcane in full swing.He told reporters that his family planted more than 110 mu of sugarcane this year and hired more than 30 workers to cut and harvest the cane.Her home sugarcane has been cut and collected, King zhen sugar factory will send someone to transport two kilometers away from the sugar factory.Reporters followed the truck to jingzhen sugar factory, saw menghai from all over the sugar cane truck in an endless stream, after the nuclear single, weighing, a carload of sugar cane was sent into the sugar factory waiting for processing.Wei Zhiguang, the sugar cane farmer, has just sold 80 tons of sugarcane grown by his family.Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Sugar cane farmer Wei Zhiguang: “I want to lead us to a variety of points, so that the economic income of the village, let us live a better life.”Sugarcane industry is one of the dominant industries in menghai county, the characteristics of price stability has attracted a lot of farmers planting sugar cane, scene really sugar mill sugarcane area is involved in menghai county of nine towns and a farm management committee, nearly 14000 households contain sugar cane farmers, in order to guarantee the income of the sugar cane, scene really sugar mill since late November 2021 open press,All staff adhere to the production line due diligence, the Spring Festival during the same pressing does not stop.Huang Jianhua, a worker at Jingzhen Sugar Factory in Menghai County, Xishuangbanna Prefecture, said, “We don’t rest during the Spring Festival and work overtime to produce. We don’t have any complaints about serving the people in our factory.””Sugar cane is a seasonal crop, if we do not timely harvest, sugar cane farmers will cause losses, all workers do not have a holiday during the Spring Festival, workers do not stop production, and strive to ensure the income of sugar cane farmers, so that they can have a good year.”Into the jingzhen sugar factory production workshop, machines rumble, every worker in their respective posts in an orderly busy, the whole factory is full of vitality and vitality.Reporters learned that this year jingzhen sugar plant is estimated to squeeze 900,000 tons, an increase of about 200,000 tons compared with last year, which means that the production task during this year’s Spring Festival is more onerous.In 2022, Jingzhen Sugar Factory plans to invest 400 million yuan to increase its production capacity from the current 5,000 tons to 10,000 tons, and will further provide technical services and support for agricultural work, so that the frontier sugar cane farmers will live a richer and happier life.Source/Xishuangbanna Platform Li Bailin zhao Shiyu editor/Che Junfang editor/Bi Rui © Yunshi News qicaiyun