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Xu Zhiai nodded: “All sit down. I’m not a beast of prey. Don’t be nervous.”The last words were addressed to Bethune.White mu ning smell speech, some blush, low voice say: “I go to fill rice.”Then he walked to the kitchen.Indeed, xu love and her impression of the rich lady are not the same.She showed no sign of displeasure at the girl of unknown origin, and though her face was faint, she kept smiling.Perhaps, this is a noble family.Outside, Xu Zhiai sat down, looking at the opposite scene, softly said: “girl is good, when are you going to take home?”She is usually basically do not come over son side, so do not know when the son even talked about a little girl friend.”Some time, until she’s ready.”Hearing the words, xu zhiai’s smile gradually disappeared, she said softly: “as soon as possible, let your grandmother see her daughter-in-law.”I don’t think the old lady can last much longer with her illness.”Don’t be afraid. Your grandmother will love it.”Xu’s love is afraid of the scenery, so she comforts him, “I understand her.”King stop nodded: “I know.”When the two men spoke on the subject, the atmosphere suddenly became solemn.”By the way, don’t keep a straight face in front of her. Women like a gentle man.”Xu zhiai changed the subject.In the tone, with teasing and teasing.She had thought that Wan’s son might react, but as it turned out, she underestimated her son.Baimu ning came out of the kitchen with two bowls of rice in her hand, the big one for Jing Xing and the small one for Xu Zhi Ai.Xu zhi ‘ai took the rice and said softly, “Sit down and eat.”Bai Mu ning sat down, next to is the scenery, always feel some uncomfortable, there is no one to eat dinner.After dinner, xu love will go, carrying a bag, she looked at white mu ning: “small white, free to play at home.”But it is to eat a meal, became small white, see out, xu love very like white mu coagulate.The scene stopped the look of a lot of relief.”I know, Auntie.”Bai Mu ning says goodbye to Xu Zhi ‘ai politely.After Xu zhiai left, Bai Mu Ning was relieved and looked at Jing Xing: “DID I say anything wrong?”Scenery stop examine white mu coagulate, that look in the eyes of white mu coagulate some tension: “how, I say wrong?”After a moment, Jing stopped shaking his head and said, “No, come home with me on weekends.”White mu ning’s heart suddenly lifted: “so fast ah.”King stop light looked at her, “my family are very easy to get along with, easier than me.”Is that any consolation?Jing Xingzhi comfort method is also so…Fresh and refined.”What should I prepare?”After all, it was Bethune’s first meeting with her parents.She had only been in love twice before.Once I was in college. It was my first love, only for a month.The second time is with Liu Wenhan, Liu Wenhan’s parents have died, naturally do not need to see the parents.So it was the first time for a big girl to get into a sedan chair.It’s fake, but I still feel a little nervous.”Nothing.””I’ll be ready.”Jingxing check afternoon to go to work, after the command left.Bethune is at home cleaning the table.As I packed, I thought about meeting my parents.After meeting your parents, are you going to put the wedding on the agenda?Before, when I was with Liu Wenhan, I also discussed the matter of marriage. At that time, I felt very normal and there seemed to be no special feeling.But now, when the marriage certificate on the agenda, she suddenly felt very nervous, even some sad.Thinking of Liu Wenhan, White Mu ning’s mood is low again.Love for such a long time, her feelings for Liu Wenhan, is also very deep.Often the ones that hurt her the most are the ones she loves the most.Liu Wenhan at this time, can regret?At this point, Liu Wenhan is quite regret, regret had not been able to malicious heart.If at the beginning hard-hearted a little more medicine, Baimu condensation would not run out, also was saved by others, and now will not be missing.Yu Dantong has been complaining about him, and he is also nervous, these days, Liu Wenhan’s life is not easy.The white mu ning seems to disappear suddenly overnight, since the day was picked up by the king, everywhere can not find the white Mu ning figure.Calls are always turned off, regardless of whose phone they are using, which means that Bemuine is not deliberately not answering their calls, the phone is indeed turned off.”White mu coagulate this dead wench, in the end is how and scenery line stop know?”Yu Dantong some discouraged ask.They had tried countless ways to find Bethune these days, but nowhere.”Was it true that she met Jing For the first time on the day she was drugged?”Yu dantong recalled what happened that day, but he was so nervous that he couldn’t remember the exact situation at the time.”Should not be, if meet for the first time, jing xingzhi how possibly can say marry?”Liu Wenhan analyzed the situation.Because it’s not like they’re meeting for the first time.If it is really the first time to meet, how can it be a day of time, the king put forward marriage?Thinking of this, Yu Dantong looked askance at Liu Wenhan and said sarcastically, “So she would have cuckolded you.”Hearing the words, liu Wenhan’s facial expression gradually twisted.After a long time, he just clenched teeth to say: “this green hat, I am not early to wear ten years?”Yu Dantong cold hum 1, ask in reply: “who should blame this?I’m to blame?It was you who put on the cuckold yourself.”A word, let Liu Wenhan speechless, can only silence the sulk.Yeah, he put the cuckold on himself.I just didn’t think it would happen again.Yu Dantong but still not give up, said with a slight smile: “Besides, you two are just six of a dozen of one another, as if you didn’t cuckolded her.”Liu wenhan frowns and interrupts Yu: “What’s the use of saying this now?Let’s think about finding Bethune first.”The two of them, if it is true by The White Mouine out of the words, that they endured humiliation all these years what?”You say, white mu coagulate now can be jing hang stop hide, white mu coagulate certainly can say us two of the matter with him.”Yu Dantong guessed.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!