Shandan County Public Security Bureau traffic police brigade on the implementation of urban vehicles disorderly parking centralized rectification notice

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In order to further standardize the parking order of the county seat, maintain traffic safety, improve the urban living environment and civilization level, and assist the urban renewal of the ten special actions, according to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China implementation Regulations” and other relevant laws and regulations,The traffic police Brigade of Shandan County Public Security Bureau has decided to continue to carry out centralized rectification action of disorderly parking of vehicles in the county, and the relevant matters are now announced as follows: (1) All vehicles in the county shall park in the motor vehicle parking space in an orderly manner, and it is strictly prohibited for motor vehicles to park at random in the unallocated parking space.When parking, motor vehicle drivers must park in an orderly manner according to the direction and position indicated by the parking berth. Those who fail to park in the parking berth or exceed or ride across the parking berth are illegal parking.(2) For motor vehicles or non-motor vehicles that violate the parking regulations and obstruct the passage of others, if the driver is not at the scene, the police on duty shall take photos to obtain evidence and issue an “Illegal Parking Notification Form”;If the driver is on the scene, the police on duty shall give him a verbal warning and order him to drive away immediately.Where serious road congestion is caused and traffic is seriously affected, the illegal vehicles shall be dragged, removed and seized in accordance with the law.(3) is in the garage parking, but long time affecting road traffic and unable to contact the owner of the car “zombie”, by the public security organ or the urban management enforcement administration according to law for towing by towing vehicle property owner must hold valid certificates to the public security department or urban management law enforcement agencies to accept treatment can get behind the vehicle.(4) To the disorderly parking of electric vehicles, bicycles, rickshaws and other non-motor vehicles, adhere to the principle of education as the main, punishment as the auxiliary combination, found disorderly parking, by the county traffic police brigade in conjunction with the county seat law enforcement department to the non-motor vehicle towing, temporary seizure, and punishment according to law.(five) county public officials should strengthen the sense of self-discipline, take the lead in compliance with traffic laws and regulations, along the street government departments, enterprises and institutions, businesses should standardize and orderly parked vehicles in the parking lot or parking berth, to others disorderly parking behavior, should be discouraged, and can call 122 or traffic police brigade duty room telephone (0936)5919282,Report illegally parked vehicles.(6) The public security organ shall strictly and speedily deal with the driver who, because of illegal parking, does not abide by the administrative regulations, and causes disturbances, hinders the police from performing their official duties according to law or retaliates against the informer.The majority of traffic participants should strictly comply with the requirements of the announcement, consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, safe travel, standardized parking, and jointly create a safe, smooth, orderly road traffic environment of the county.For illegally parked vehicles, the public security and traffic police departments will take on-site evidence collection, monitoring and photographing to fix the evidence, punish them in accordance with the law, and expose them to the media.Hereby inform!Shandan County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade February 8, 2022