Donghua street visited the needy people

2022-05-14 0 By

Recently, in order to further implement the targeted poverty alleviation work and effectively solve the problems of people in need,Donghua Sub-district Party Working Committee and office organized community leaders to lead community cadres to visit 115 poor subsistence allowance households, the disabled, lonely elderly, empty-nesters, left-behind children, left-behind women and poor marginalized groups.The condolence team went from house to house with rice and oil gifts, offering cordial sympathy, greeting, exhorting and encouragement to send the care of the Party and the government to the hearts of the people in need in the first time, and effectively improve their sense of gain and happiness.Visit sympathy, condolences group, corners to talk face to face communication with difficult people, fully listen to their think and look forward to, to understand their body status, family income, etc., ask them need to solve the practical problems in life, ordered them to take care of yourself good body, encouraging them to have the courage to face life, to overcome the difficulties, told them to prepare the epidemic prevention and control measures,Community workers are required to increase the frequency of visits to timely understand the health and living conditions of disadvantaged groups, and do their best to help them solve practical difficulties.Kunming Daily all-media reporter: Luo Kunya Editor: Yang Rui Editor: Zhou Xiaoxue Final: Zhou Jianjun