Driving a luxury car back to the village for the New Year, into the mire, by thousands of onlookers, even the next village know

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When you go home for Chinese New Year, especially to your rural hometown, what best reflects how well you are doing?Right!You’re the one driving the car!Otherwise, in the past two years, one to the end of the year, car rental agency friends are particularly happy, luxury cars almost half a year ago was booked in advance!Three or five hundred a day, more than three days to rent, tenants don’t care!Drive back, and most importantly, let the village know.How do you do it in a way that’s not too obvious?Look at this car owner, not only the whole village knows, even the next village knows!The following is a funny joke, not true, please do not take it personally!Limousine no problem, first drive to the village side of the small woods, there is a depression, perennial water, especially muddy!First, run around in circles, on hard ground, until the ruts come out.Car exhaust cylinder roar, as expected in the prohibition of firecrackers at the moment, great shenwei!Almost the whole village turned out to see the fun!The owner will stop the car, look around, feel still owe some heat!Lit a cigarette and puffed.Suddenly, someone shouted, “Who!People are all here, still open?”Ride to the fame, good fellow, on the other side of the wood, under the trees, full of men!So everyone from the next village had come!Show the villagers what you can do!Fire it up, hit the gas, and it’s going straight into the mud!And then there’s no “then”!The car did not move.Now, not only the whole village, the whole town know, the old family and the younger one, driving a luxury car!