Even the national treasure artisans are struggling to make a living, but the worker should be a social icon again

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Recently, I watched a CCTV documentary called “Craftsmen in a Big Country”. What made me heartbroken was that the life of these national treasure level craftsmen was extremely poor.Any one of these people is definitely the top head in this field in our country, and even a ceiling level presence in the world.But how are they treated?Let’s take a look at what the documentary shows.Gu Qiuliang, a Chinese craftsman, is a fitter for China’s deep-sea manned submersible.We all know that the most important and difficult part of underwater vehicles is containment.The accuracy of deep-sea manned submersibles is “less than 0.2 wire”.And in many places it is impossible to install machines at all because of minor scratches that may look smooth to the naked eye but are unpredictable in the face of such pressures in a deep-sea environment.In the assembly of China’s manned submersible, only one person can achieve this precision.He is gu Qiuliang who can control the installation gap at 1/50 of a hair with only one hand.According to relevant sources, his treatment was even difficult to support his family.This would be unthinkable in other fields, and the existence of a ceiling in one field would not give the family a relatively good living conditions.This is unthinkable in other fields.Gu’s original laboratory once invited him to return with a high salary, which was of great help to his family, which was in need of money for his daughter’s education.But Gu still stayed in jiaolong and made his own contribution to the country.During a 7,000-meter sea trial, he received a call from his wife just after the ship had set sail.At that time, his wife was suspected of malignant tumor, and the leaders came to comfort him. Later, it was found that it was not malignant tumor, and he and his wife cried and hugged each other after coming back.Because if it’s true, the medical bills are too high.Gao Fenglin, a craftsman from a big country, is 380,000 kilometers, which is the distance from the Earth to the moon for Chang ‘e-3.0.16mm is the width of a solder joint on a rocket engine.0.1 seconds is the allowable time error for completing welding.Gao Fenglin, 53, has a job few people at The China Aerospace Corporation could do. He welded the “hearts” of rockets and was the first person to weld engines.More than 130 rocket engines have been welded over 35 years.Every time a new rocket model is born, it is time and time again for Gao Fenglin to tackle technical problems.The most difficult time, Gao fenglin in the workshop, the whole month almost did not sleep.Gao fenglin is so skilled that many companies have tried to hire him with high salaries, some even offering several times his salary plus two apartments in Beijing.Gao fenglin said: “The temptation is huge, you can say who can not move, is human.”His wife also advised him, saying, “I’ll give you an apartment and a car, and you can go.” But Gao refused.’Every time I see our engines send satellites into space, I feel a sense of pride after success,’ Mr. Gao said. ‘That kind of pride can’t be bought with money.’Hu Shuangqian has been working for 37 years and has produced hundreds of thousands of aircraft parts. There has never been any mistake. Because he has never made any mistake, he has been awarded the “position of reliable quality” in the factory for 13 consecutive years and enjoys the treatment of product inspection exemption.Few people have a better say on the front lines of China’s civil aviation industry.In 2006, the C919, China’s own large aircraft, was finally approved. Hu shuangqian was busy making all kinds of different shapes of parts, and sometimes had to be rescued on a temporary basis.In one case, a special part was needed and it would take several days to get it from the original factory.In order not to delay the construction period, the titanium alloy blank can only be used for on-site temporary processing, this task was assigned to Hu Shuangqian.Hu Shuangqian recalled: “A part costs more than 1 million yuan, the key is that it is precision forging, so the cost is quite high.Because there are 36 holes of different sizes, the accuracy of the holes is required to be 0.24mm.”0.24mm, equivalent to the diameter of a human hair, this was supposed to rely on careful programming CNC lathe to complete the parts, but at that time only rely on Hu’s hands, and a traditional milling and drilling machine, not even drawings.It took Hu more than an hour to finish the 36 holes.When the metal carving is over, the parts are inspected in one go and sent for installation.Hu shuangqian spends six days a week in the workshop, and his only family photo was taken in 2006.A few years ago, Mr. Hu’s family moved out of the 30-square-meter house they had lived in for more than a decade and took out a loan to buy a new 70-square-meter house.He felt content.As a front-line worker, Hu Shuangqian did not earn more money for his family. The greatest wealth of the Old Hu family is the pile of awards and certificates: “Shanghai Gold Medal for Quality”, “National May 1 Labor Medal”, “National Model Worker”…These are definitely the ceiling of the industry in China and even the world, but their pay is not enough to support their families to live a good life.Is this the ceiling of an industry?The importance of skilled workers to a country is self-evident, skilled workers are absolutely the most important cornerstone of a country’s development, why say so?At present, the goal of a country’s development is nothing more than industrialization, urbanization and modernization.What is the most important thing in the process of building modernization?It’s industry, manufacturing.What finance does today is redistribute wealth.Internet enterprises are nothing more than to provide a platform for resource integration.To a certain extent, it helps us grow faster, but we have to be clear that our roots are in industry, in manufacturing.Without industry, the financial industry and Internet companies would be nothing but water without source and trees without roots.What is the foundation of manufacturing?These are skilled and reliable workers.Here is really very grateful to still adhere to the machinery industry, especially those workshop technical workers.You can say that you are responsible for a large part of the life on this land today. You are the backbone of the land that we use and wear and all the products around us.In the future, skilled workers are still the backbone of our development and an indispensable part of our development.Advanced skilled workers are the absolute core of a country’s industrial development.Some people here may say that in the future, senior technicians will not be replaced by robots and artificial intelligence?But I said this is not realistic, the simplest we know that the development of industry is bound to improve accuracy, and in the mass production process high-precision machine can only produce low precision (low precision can survive high precision, but the success rate is very low, the cost is too high.Not suitable for mass production).So what if we want to improve accuracy?The core of improving accuracy is still advanced technicians, otherwise expect artificial intelligence design, and then machine production?Here again, the sliding surface of ultra-precision mechanical guide rail is called “absolute plane”, which requires accuracy of more than 1/10000 mm. No machine can process this absolute plane, but can only be processed by hand.I believe that people who have seen the sliding surface of high-precision machine tool guide rail know that the so-called “absolute plane” is not a smooth mirror, but a plane covered with regular patterns, and those patterns are the traces left by the shovel knife of the craftsman who makes this plane.Therefore, no matter in the past, now or in the future, skilled workers especially senior skilled workers are still the core of a country’s industry.Therefore, in the future, technical talents will gain due status and respect in society.Opinions on Improving the Treatment of Skilled Workers responded to such calls.It puts forward suggestions on the links of training, use, evaluation, encouragement and security of skilled workers, focusing on enhancing the professional honor, pride and sense of gain of skilled workers and stimulating their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity.And for the first time to improve the treatment of skilled workers to the overall height, to further enhance the economic and social status of skilled workers, strengthen the construction of skilled workers has important practical significance.In the future, professional and technical talents will get the high income due to their professional skills and become a positive image respected and envied by the society.The worker should be the idol of the society again, and the society will be built faster and better.